Weekly Software News Jan 20th to 26th


Another busy week with a lot of updates, and a few releases, all of the new releases being tied to the ongoing coding competition. Well, the deadline is approaching so it’s only natural to see more releases at this stage. Note that this is another excellent week for emulators, since the Emu Ex Plus Alpha emulators have all been updated, and there’s a new PPSSPP build out there which is more solid than ever before. I’ll come back on that PPSSPP update in a separate article soon…

Software Updates(23)

  • Task Warrior: updated to the latest stable version. While this is not released for Pandora per se, this version can now work with the Taskserver software which can be installed on your own server to synchronize your tasks remotely. Don’t forget to read more about Task Warrior as previously featured.
  • F-1 Spirit Remake: now with fixed sound (was broken in previous update).
  • Seventh Sense: this software to play “books where you are the hero” from the 80s had been updated to the latest stable version.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 – Stracciatella: updated to the latest stable version.
  • Pandora NanoLemmings: this new game from wb gets an update (i did not check but I’m guessing it has now more levels).
  • ownCloud Sync: updated to the latest stable version.
  • QjackCtl: Canseco updated this Qt application to control the JACK sound server with numerous fixes and a proper default setup, and at the same time announced it would be a candidate for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition in the Significant Update category.
  • PPSSPP: PtitSeb did another great update on this PSP emulator, releasing a new stable version where most games actually see some speed benefit. The best release of PPSSPP so far! Grab this now!
  • Qtractor: fixed plugin and fixed jack-session and jack-latency now in this new update from Canseco.
  • Luppp: here again, added support for jack-session and jack-latency in this update from Canseco. Hopefully Canseco will enlighten us all one day on what you can actually do with all the software he released to do audio stuff 🙂
  • uPIM: the latest version provides a working alarm, a tutorial on how to setup Bittorrent Sync, and a new button to reload all files. Note that Commander-Beef has announced he will release uPIM for Raspberry Pi as well as Linux sometimes soon.
  • DosBox EX Ultimate: now with an added antivirus! No kidding!
  • And the Emu Ex Plus Alpha have all been updated. Not sure what changed, but that’s 12 of them in one go 🙂

New Releases(3)

  • TwitchBox: a new candidate for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition in the New Pandora Use category from pmporg, this software makes it possible for you to watch streamed videos of video games competitions from TwitchBoxTv.
  • SWI-Prolog: another candidate for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition in the New Pandora Use category, from wb, this package is a portable implementation of the Prolog programming language. So, you can actually run Prolog programs with it.
  • Courserian: my own entry for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition in the New Pandora Use category, to help you download courses from Coursera.org. Read more about what it actually does.

By the way, don’t forget the ALive and Kicking Coding Competition is still on, and that you can submit your entries until the 15th of February !

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