Weekly Software News Jan 13th to 19th


This past week was reasonably busy. But what made it special is that it was an excellent week for emulators. You get a new, young emulator (3doh for 3DO), an ever-improving one (UAE4ALL, now running faster for AGA stuff), a maturing one (Mupen64Plus, with new audio support for compatibility) and an all-encompassing one (ScummVM, which now plays even the Eye of the Beholder games!). Of course, there was a lot more, too.

Software Updates(11)

  • Griffon Legend: updated with screenshots included in the PND.
  • UAE4ALL: We can’t stop TomB anymore! He released another update, with improved compatibility, improved speed for AGA games, AROS support and a lot more. A very, very good reason to update.
  • PandaBAS Basic Interpreter: this update brings more speed.
  • IOQuake3: a simple update to support the latest SGX drivers.
  • MuseScore: a music score typesetter. Now updated to the latest version after more than 2 years of inactivity.
  • Mupen64Plus 2.0: several fixes, but the most important is the inclusion of musyx code in one of the plugins, which makes it now possible to hear sound in many, previously-unsupported games. Update!
  • GFMTSERFGJ: this original mech game is updated… but not sure what changed. Repo info please!
  • Flashenv: a nice update since it supports keymap configuration, flash quality settings and framebuffer setup. This means that you can tweak the settings to get more speed out of Flash games that were previously a bit slow.
  • SpaceFM: This excellent dual-windows file manager is updated to the latest sources.
  • ScummVM: while the 16.0 has been out for other platforms for a while, it’s only now released as a PND for Pandora! This new version brings the support of new, non-Lucas Arts games, such as the Eye of the Beholder series. Great stuff !
  • uPIM: the latest version provides more flexibility for notes (999 notes support, deletion and saving of notes under different names, as well as search). This is starting to be very complete.

New Releases(4)

  • 3doh: I ported this 3DO emulator based on the work of Gabriel Cabras, whose work was based on FreeDO and 4DO. It’s not a bad piece of software, it runs already many games, but the speed is not there yet. So, expect stuttering sound and low frame rate at this stage (frameskip is not implemented). It’s an alpha, after all. It’s a candidate for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition, by the way.
  • Emily’s Curious Adventure: a new platformer from Illegal Instructions Studios, ported to the Pandora. Note that it’s in an alpha state.
  • Calf: a big pack of audio plugins, ported by Canseco, who else !
  • PlayCatan: (needs JAVA) – this PND makes it possible to play… PlayCatan (how awkward) on your Pandora, online, against other players. I have no idea what Playcatan is, but you can check for yourself.

By the way, don’t forget the ALive and Kicking Coding Competition is still on, and that you can submit your entries until the 15th of February !

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