Weekly Software News Feb 3rd to 9th 2014


Wow, that was a very busy week for new releases, since there were more releases than updates. That’s very rare, but there’s a good chance it was linked to the upcoming deadline for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition. Many good entries in this week, with a special mention of Printrun which makes Pandora able to drive a 3D printer on its own! That’s a pretty cool function, while it may not be useful for many people out there.

Software Updates(7)

  • Courserian: updated with a few new features (now showing the space taken by whole courses + you can now use “Update All Courses” as well)
  • Battle for Wesnoth: updated to the latest sources.
  • GNURobbo: updated to the latest version, I believe?
  • uPIM: now updated with unlimited notes taking, overall PND size optimization, additional info, and there’s a video if you want to see what you can do with it. That video was actually recorded with Screencaster EX (see below!).
  • HackerBooks: updated with support for HTML books download, and candidate in the [ Significant Improvement ] category for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition.
  • World of Padman: a new compilation for this multiplayer game, along with support for the latest SGX driver (4.10).
  • Open BOR: updated to the latest sources, I believe?

New Releases(10)

  • wxpython: PtitSeb packaged wxPython 3.0.0 and many other Python libs (like PyQt, NumPy, PyGame…) that can be used by other PNDs. Very practical.
  • Die! Zombie App Killer: a new task manager that makes it possible to kill threads or programs which refuse to be terminated otherwise… and a candidate for the [ New Pandora Use ] category in the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition.
  • SL4P Pack: an installer for different Slackware versions for your Pandora.
  • Screencaster EX: a tool to record what you are doing on your Pandora screen (can be used for screencasts, tutorials, etc…). It’s a candidate in the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition, while the category is under discussion at the moment.
  • Telegram-Cli: a command line client of Telegram, a new application that enables encrypted peer to peer communication. Note that there is a lot of controversy about the protocol they use, so don’t bet your life on trusting this to be completely secure.
  • DavMail Gateway: DavMail is a POP/IMAP/SMTP/Caldav/Carddav/LDAP exchange gateway allowing users to use any mail/calendar client with an Exchange server. Basically, with this, you can use ClawsMail to access your email coming from Exchange servers (used by Outlook usually). Could be useful at work if your company only uses Microsoft tools.
  • WindowsRG: Windows Really Good Edition is a parody of Windows made in flash. Entertaining five minutes.
  • Printrun: a tool to use in combination with a 3D printer to actually print 3D shapes with your Pandora itself! And it’s also a candidate for the [ New Pandora Use ] category in the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition.
  • SmokinGuns: another game based on the Quake3 engine, with a Western themed world. It’s a candidate for the [ New Ported Game ] category in the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition.
  • memorecorder-installer: a PND which installs a GUI-less audio recorder on one of your SD-cards, based on SOX.

And don’t forget the ALive and Kicking Coding Competition is still on, and that you can submit your entries until the 15th of February. There’s less than one week left. Note that you can also put some cash in a donation pot to thank the participants for their efforts!

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