Weekly Software News Feb 17th to 23th 2014


Another busy week in terms of updates, with Qupzilla updated (if you want a fast browser for the Pandora that’s the one!). As for the new releases, there’s the QEmu Dos Games Pack from IngoReis which has been proven to be quite popular if you feel DOStalgic . Check out all the other news below.

Software Updates (14)

  • Arx Libertatis Demo and Arx Libertatis have been updated with renewed control schemes and now support the newer SGX drivers too.
  • DosBox EX Ultimate: minor GUI fixes, new tools and a smaller file size in this update.
  • QMMP stable: updated to latest sources.
  • Amsynth: updated to latest sources.
  • Qtractor: now with updated amsynth plugin, and a stable Guitarix plugin. Note that the manual can also be found inside the pnd, in the /mnt/utmp/qtractor/share/doc folder. You may want to look at the recent tutorial pubished by Canseco by the way!
  • Jedi Knight 2 and its demo have been updated with new control options and their performance has been increased by 10 to 20 percents.
  • Puzzletube: not sure what this update is about… 🙂
  • Sparrow C4All Manager: same here, not sure what changed…
  • YGoPro: the startup issue is now fixed.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: updated to latest sources but there may be glitches on the minimap…
  • Snowman Reloaded: this new version introduces better soundtrack changes and the music does not stop anymore when loading C4A scores.
  • Qupzilla: updated to the latest sources, correcting many little bugs.

New Releases (5)

  • Cockatrice: a tool for playing card games online.
  • GTA Freeware over Qemu: the very first GTA packaged with Qemu to run out of the box on Pandora. Quite fun and runs well on 1Ghz.
  • Screenshot EX: another very simple tool to take screenshots on Pandora.
  • QEmu Dos Games Pack: a late entry in the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition, where you can find a lot of Freeware Games and demos packaged together with Qemu.
  • GluTexto: an old software for text edition made originally for the GP2x and now ported for the Pandora with Pandora friendly controls.

By the way, don’t forget to try, test and vote for the entries of the Alive and Kicking COding Competition ! You have about another week (a little more actually) to vote.

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