Weekly Software News Feb 10th to 16th 2014


Another extremely busy week, with tons of updates and new releases undoubtedly linked to the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition (aka AAKCC). The deadline was just last Sunday and the entries are now all in and voting is about to start. Apart from the Compo candidates, there were several other releases and updates, such as the new Firefox 27!

Software Updates(20)

  • v2c: latest version for this 2-chan browser (you’ll need Japanese and JAVA installed).
  • Qjackctl: the first install dialog has been fixed, it has been given new previews too, and it’s another AAKCC candidate!
  • Stella: not sure what changed there, but this is a new version of the early Atari machines Emulator, also a candidate for AAKCC.
  • OpenTyrian: Now the executable has been simplified to encompass C4A directly instead of keeping the support in a different binary.
  • Non Timeline: Cleaned libs, better doc and new previews in this update.
  • Frogatto: updated (finally) to the latest sources. Great game that you should probably try if you haven’t.
  • MyPaint: A bug fixed after I reported it did not work well on a freshly flashed 1.60 unit 🙂 Thanks Eyecreate.
  • WideLands: updated to latest version.
  • Putty: update to the latest version, fixing several security holes.
  • FireFox: already updated to version 27! Thanks hdonk!
  • F-chat: an updated release for the F-Chat client.
  • zSilencer: updated to last git sources, and patched to use OGG instead of MP3. AAKCC candidate!
  • Pandora Image Viewer: this new update brings a new feature: a thumbnails gallery ! And it’s still as fast as ever. AAKCC candidate.
  • Knights: updated with reference to the competition. Therefore clearly an AAKCC candidate!
  • GNURobbo: updated to latest sources, I assume…
  • Smokin Guns: this updates relaxes the memory checks, and has better default settings. AAKCC candidate!
  • GFMTSERFGJ: better sound synchro for sound effects. AAKCC candidate!
  • Pandora NanoLemmings: many additions / levels, context help, etc… for this AAKCC candidate.
  • World of Padman: improved default settings and relaxed the memory checks here too.
  • wxpython: a new update to fix distutils in order to make BitMessage work. Well done PtitSeb!

New Releases(10)

  • Games Remakes in QB64: A number of early 8 bits/16 bits remakes using the QB64 language. You’ll find the remake of Barbarian on Amiga as well as the CPC version of Crazy Cars. It’s a AAKCC candidate.
  • QSampler: Linuxsampler GUI based on Qt.
  • Fake86: a PC 286 emulator, capable of running very early DOS games. It’s very light, much more than DosBox.
  • Genius Math Tool: Genius Mathematical Tool and Calculator.
  • Anki: a new version of the famous flashcards/learning software, finally working well on Pandora. You’ll need wxpython PND on your SD card as well to make it run. This is a AAKCC candidate as well.
  • GetGoogleBooks: a simple script which makes it possible to download (as PNG images) free books from the Google Books archive.
  • PewPewTris: a new game by slaeshjag mixing a shooting game and Tetris. Another AAKCC candidate.
  • BitMessage: an Email protocol based on a Bitcoin-like blockchain, created in order to anonymize email to email communications. Note that the protocol has not been proven to be extremely secure, so consider Bitmessage experimental. Another candidate for the AAKCC.
  • Snowman Reloaded: Ziz has released the latest version of his Snowman game for the AAKCC.
  • 8Bit Merchant: An original game by Commander-Beef, kind of mix between where in the world is Carmen San Diego and Drug Wars for the financial management part. And it’s a AAKCC candidate as well !

By the way, you can find more about the list of entries for the AAKCC in my post from yesterday ! Have a look and start testing so that you can cast your votes in the next few weeks…

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