Weekly Software News Dec 16th to 22nd


Christmas is already here at the corner and maybe for some of you this means you will be getting a Pandora for this time or the year. Whether you have a Pandora or not, Christmas ia kind of early with the release of Reicast, the new Dreamcast emulator I mentioned a few days ago. But there’s more…

Software Updates (22)

  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein: an update of this excellent port for Pandora, now with auto-aiming included. Note that the demo is updated as well.
  • Puzzletube: updated with a fix regarding the C4A support.
  • Non Session Manager: a little fix and a little Guitarix plugin.
  • Bitfighter: cleaned up, without uneeded files from the source.
  • CanonBall: simply updated to make it work on Slackware.
  • Luppp: this live performance tool is updated to the latest sources.
  • A general update for the Emu Ex Plus Alpha emulators, and that’s for twelve of them! They are all very good alternative to some emulators we have on Pandora, so check them out!
  • HackerBooks: this update fixes a stupid bug that prevented the previous version from starting. Please update!
  • Mupen64plus 2.0: a new update with updated core and plugins, as well as a few fixes. If you are looking for better performance you probably should update!
  • Simutrans: updated to the latest sources.

New Releases(7)

  • Tomahawk: a new kind of music player, but before I can give you an actual description of what it does I would need to make it work… seems like it does not like FAT32 cards.
  • Reicast: the new Dreamcast emulator is really fast as I mentioned a couple of days ago. Don’t expect it to run all games well though, it’s still very unstable for many games but should be improving fast.
  • Record: a very simplle tool to record audio files on your Pandora with the microphone.
  • Ultimate PIM: a new application from Streak to provide a nice all-in-one PIM capability, such as todo list, calendar, contacts manager, etc. It’s improving fast.
  • zSilencer: a remake of the Silencer game from Mind Software. By the way it is also an entry to the Alive and Kicking coding competition.
  • BaGoMa: a simple tool to backup your Gmail emails. You never know, if one day you lose access to your Google services… by the way it’s also one of my entries for the New Pandora Use category in the Alive and Kicking competition.
  • Sixaxis daemon wrapper: a nice tool to make it nice and easy to connect a wireless PS3 controller on your Pandora! Note that it will require you to input your root password several times.

That’s all for today! Have a Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and a good vacation if you have some days off!

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