Weekly Software News August 26th to September 1st


Gee, we are already in September. Nobody told me August would go that fast! The past week was full of Gamescom awesomeness so there was not as much activity on the repo as expected, but still we get a good number of very cool releases and updates. Like Notaz’s work on Picodrive, a new apkenv from crow_riot and co and PtitSeb back with a huge port with Forsaken. This September starts well.

Software Updates (11)

  • apkenv: a great little update fixing the scrolling issue experienced in Plants vs Zombies ! The upgrade is, obviously, recommended!
  • MyPaint: this update tweaks the pressure values again. I’ve never had that much of a problem with pressure of the stylus, but it probably depends on the screen ?
  • PPSSPP: another update to the latest source, 0.9.1. No speedup after the 0.90 which made several games faster.
  • RetroRadio: this new version of Retroradio now takes advantage of the radiotray codebase instead of a simple zenity script. Well done !
  • OpenTTD: now updated to the latest sources (1.3.2). If you love Railroad Tycoon-like games this is the time to update.
  • Kaiten Patissier: the development environment has been changed and it now uses notaz’s SDL. That should make things faster. The same stuff was applied on Championship Kaiten Patissier and Ura Kaiten Patissier.
  • Green Island: Same thing as for Kaiten Patissier in terms of recompilation.
  • PicoDrive: notaz has been hard at work to bring us a new version of PicoDrive after a long silence. He has fixes several issues related to 32X compatibility, while some Genesis and Master System issues main remain. For 32X most games should be full speed if you have a 1Ghz unit. In case of issues or bugs please report them to notaz, he’s looking for compatibility issues.
  • PNDConfig: many updates in this last version to let you customize your Pandora environment every time you launch a specific PND. For example, activate TV out, activate wifi, etc. I have not spent so much time with it yet but that’s an excellent app idea.

New Releases (6)

  • Not Pacman: PtitSeb was busy compiling stuff even at the GamesCom last week! He saw this game on the booth of the developers (stabyourself) and since the code was open, he took it and ported right there and showed it to them! That’s a pretty cool real-life story. Now, this game is quite funny, since it’s Pacman but the twist is that you don’t control Pacman but the level orientation… so basically you play with gravity and physics. Very fun, and quite difficult!
  • AOITrade: another excellent business application ported by MarkW. This one specializes in showing you how stocks change day by day with a Yahoo API, and you can use this to trace a number of statistical curves related to financial aspects.
  • QMMP-stable: QMMP is now updated to a stable version, with SID support. It will show as a new application in the repo.
  • Bitfighter: it looks very similar to Pew Pew graphically speaking, but it’s probably quite different. Apparently in this game the goal of each level changes everytime. I’ll give this a try very soon…
  • Gannatsu Portable: a Japanese game where you use an anchor to move around and grab things on the way. I haven’t tried it, but thanks to palstyo for porting it!
  • Project X: Forsaken: another fantastic port by PtitSeb, freshly back from his Gamescom trip. Nothing can stop him ! This game is basically a Descent-like shooter which has quite some following. It should work fine on Rebirth/1Ghz while you need a swap file if you are using a CC unit.

PS: just in case you were wondering if Pandoralive did not run into problems last night, well we did actually. Do not trust in WordPress Upgrades, this is my wise word of the day.

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