Weekly Software News August 25th to 31st 2014


August is now dead and over, and summer is gone with it. At least it does feel like Autumn here in Japan already. That was quick ! The good news is that the repo is bursting with activity these days and unless you were watching very closely what was happening, you have probably missed a couple of news… don’t worry, you can catch up everything here.

Updates (11)

  • Syncthing: another upstream update!
  • Flappy Bird: a few bugs fixed, and some additional audio tweaks in game.
  • UAE4All: TomB has been very active these past few weeks to fix a number of issues with UAE4All, and the latest version now fixes savestates screenshots, as well as providing better Pandora keyboard support.
  • Aircrack-ng: the tool to crack Wifi password through the ether is back, with new tools for WPS attack. If I remember correctly you need the 1.61 firmware to use this correctly.
  • Daikatana and its demo have been updated, fixing the save game issue.
  • GemRB: Pickle has compiled something that should probably be called 0.80-2-git version, fixing numerous bugs from the previous release.
  • Hase: the update fixed the network play which was apparently broken ! Stoopid Rabbits!
  • GODOT Game Engine: this update fixes a GLES2 bug.
  • Blake Stone: Planet Strike: Not sure what the update is all about.
  • The Babylon Project: PtitSeb has now recompiled this using the latest glshim, as well as using a new Theora build and texture streaming, and the intro runs now smoothly like butter on 1 Ghz model. That’s a great update!

New Releases (5)

  • Ken’s Labyrinth: a remake of an old DOS first person shooter. I don’t think I have ever heard about it, though.
  • Orbit-hoppers: a remake of the older “SkyRoads” game, in 3D, using OpenGL (and i guess glShim ?). I have actually missed that release, it looks like a fun game to try out !
  • Mr Rescue: A new game using the Löve engine, where you play the role of a fireman trying to save civilians from burning buildings.
  • Camcoder: a great package including tools to adjust the webcam settings (if you connect one with your USB port), take pictures and even videos with mencoder. I tried it and it works well (while you won’t get video previews with mencoder). Great stuff!
  • Duck Marines: a clone of Chu-Chu rocket, using duckies instead of mice. It runs very well but it seems a little hard to control with the nubs. Or maybe I need way more practice!

That’s all for now. Don’t forget that PandoraLive is now organizing a C4A competition on 3 games from the repo, it’s a great time to get your Pandora out, get online and compete!

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For Duck Marines, you can use DPad / ABXY to control (use DPad instead of Nub on the Player selection screen). It’s eaiser with this control (Keyboard) than with the nubs as mouse.

Ken’s Labyrinth can be seen as the father of the Build Engine (that powered Duke3D!).


Yeah, dude, Ken Silverman is like a god to us 😉