Weekly Software News August 19th to 25th


Right as I write these lines the Gamecom in Germany is going strong and the Pandora booth is getting lots of visitors (you should check that thread !) and as you can guess the repo activity has been somewhat slowing down a little. That’s good news for me, I can hope to get around this update a little faster than usual!

Software Updates (18)

  • DraStic: minor bug fixes! Probably a good idea to update.
  • UFO Alien Invasion: now with “bigger” smaller fonts. Improved readability I guess?
  • Qupzilla: updated to work on .next. You don’t need to update, but it won’t hurt you either.
  • QMMP: updated to work on .next. You don’t need to update, but it won’t hurt you either.
  • Hexchat: updated to work on .next. You don’t need to update, but it won’t hurt you either. Do you like this line?
  • QComicBook: updated to work on .next. You… ok, I guess you get it by now.
  • WideLands: updated to work on .next – yeah, that one too. I seriously hope they won’t update half of the repo PNDs, or else I go on strike.
  • Minitube: ok, that one’s crap (this has nothing to do with the port, it’s just a crappy program in the first place) and now it works on .next. Holy Mary.
  • RickyD: here’s a real update to the latest sources.
  • Cataclysm roguelike: many updates related to GLES, SDL and full screen stuff. You should update.
  • Asunder: an update where I fixed the OGG support. You can now enjoy the real thing 🙂
  • Simple Screen Recorder: I talked about it in the last post, and this very last version has new codecs supported. The upgrade is highly recommended.
  • PPSSPP: the latest version features speed upgrades! But still way to slow to run any serious PSP 3D game on Pandora. But 2D games… you should give it a try.
  • Quake2 Yamagi: not sure what changed there. Minor fix?
  • ownCloud sync: the client has been updated to the latest sources.
  • OpenXcom: featuring the latest sources! And GLshim, too, from lunixbochs, but some GL elements are not working properly.
  • PNDManager: minor fixes!
  • MasterControl: this Pandora-as-HID application has been updated with many bug fixes, from GUI to Bluetooth connectivity. You better upgrade before the world comes to an end.

New Releases (6)

  • QWinFF: I compiled this converter for a number of different audi-video formats. It’s basically a GUI for FFmpeg. Not everything works perfectly but it’s usable already for a number of conversions.
  • Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX: a fan-made Zelda-like game taking place after the events of the SuperNES Zelda game. Pretty well done, but you need to configure the controls in game yourself.
  • PNDConfig: I have not tried it yet, but this application sounds very interesting. It enables you to tailor a number of parameters for the PNDs of your systems. For example, enable TV-out automatically for this or that PND, enable wifi, etc… Cool stuff.
  • Titanion: another shooter from Kenta Cho ported on Pandora! Great stuff as usual.
  • Race for the Galaxy AI: this was requested by a user on the boards a couple of days ago, and here it is already on the repo! Note that changing the GUI options makes it crash on SZ but not on .next.
  • Viagra: a 64kb demo from 1999 ported to the Pandora.

Hum. My first impression about the number of updates/releases was clearly wrong. There was a lot of stuff in the past week!

And let’s not forget that there has been a lot of progress on making WINE work on Pandora, with IngoReis demonstrating how Diablo II runs on it (the answer: not bad, but still not great either). Unfortunately it will not run on the current firmware, so you’ll need either Slackware or .next to play around with it.

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I think the most important part the news is not wine. It is qemu. Now opengl calls can be passed to the host os. There it can be catched and translated to opengl es, which runs on the gpu. This is the major speed improvement. This just works now for native x86 linux applications not for wine, but it maybe ported to arm to which would be a lot of work.

Here is a list of native x86 linux games which will probably run very good: http://www.lokigames.com/products/
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Unreal Tournament
Tribes 2
Heretic 2
Sim City 3000