Weekly Software News August 18th to 24th 2014


August is already almost over. It seems like most people in Europe had got a mediocre weather if what I heard was right. Well in Japan it was not great either, lots of rain and very humid days in between. I’m coming back to weekly updates since there’s a bit more activity these past few days, with PtitSeb releasing Daikatana on Pandora!

Updates (6)

  • Qpdfview: now compiled with the latest libpoppler and the new Code::blocks PND from PtitSeb!.
  • Zbarcam: The update can now handle multi-line QR codes properly.
  • Reicast: now in sync with the official sources. This version seems a tad faster than the previous one.
  • PPSSPP: now the latest version 0.9.9 is available. It’s very stable, and you can get some speed increase in a few games (but not all). A very worthwhile update!
  • ClawsMail: added libproxy for Fancy plugin.
  • Flappy Bird: a number of new updates since the release, it now fetches high scores from C4A, there’s a differential scrolling in the back, it now uses notaz’ SDL for vsync and additional smoothness, and the pipes lighting issue has been corrected, among other things. And Matti from Finland is the best player at this game so far with 222 as a high score on C4A. Good luck beating that!

New Releases (4)

  • Camera: a simple script made into a PND to take pictures from a webcam, if connected to your USB Host port. Note that you need to have the codec pack installed for this to work.
  • Slade 3: a doom editor on the Pandora! Now you can create your own levels on the go and play them with ZDoom 🙂 Excellent!
  • Daikatana and its demo: PtitSeb secured the access to this competitor to Quake from John Romero. It was said to be a crappy game at that time, now you can judge on yourself on the Pandora, where it runs pretty well by the way!

That’s all for this time, and next week already seems to be quite busy since many updates made it past August 24 at the time of writing.

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