Weekly Software News August 12th to 18th


Guys, will you stop posting so much stop on the repo ? Another crazy week with 15 software updates and 8 new releases. That’s enough to kill any free time left in your coming months. But you know very well that’s not the end. So, what’s the highlight of this week? I’d say that the possibility to use your Pandora as a HID device (i.e. as a pad/keyboard for something else) is very enticing. This is all still beta/apha, but it works reasonably well already ! But there’s more. There’s always more.

Software Updates (15)

  • Yamagi Quake II: not sure what changed, since pickle did not leave comments on the repo, but one person commented that this was running much better than before.
  • GL-QuakeES:  same here, not sure what changed.
  • Return to Castle Wolfenstein: cheat mode is now enabled as well. But don’t cheat!
  • MilkyHelper: again, here not sure what changed. The repo version info is ancient.
  • QMMP:latest sources are now included, as well as group tracks functionality.
  • Dreamchess: now with a new chess engine as well, Crafty.
  • The Jedi Knight games : JK II and its demo, and JK III and its demo see mainly corrections around the default key map.
  • IOQuake 3: GLES context bugs are ironed out, and the controls are tweaked further.
  • OpenArena: same treatment as for IOQuake3.
  • PNDManager: a few bug fixes and the possibility to delete your own comments, as well as thread safety fixes. They have apparently listened to my request of shorter delays when installing 🙂
  • FBA with Capex FE: now with a bug fix for ROM scans.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: updated with the latest sources!

New Releases (8)

  • Asunder: I compiled this CD ripper/encoder since there was no such software available on Pandora so far. WIth this I intend to turn my CD collection in FLACs, using my Pandora as a ripper and… an audio player, of course.
  • Master Control: this application makes it possible to transform your Pandora into a HID device, i.e. into a gamepad or a portable keyboard that you can connect to a PC, a Mac or something else. It works quite well on USB connection (use the OTG out, not the main USB out), while there is still some mapping issues for me with the action buttons.
  • PURE: PURE is a competitor for Master Control ! It does the same thing but does not use a GUI, simply a zenity menu. it worked well for me as a HID keyboard (except that the key input needs to be fixed) but it did not work so far as a gamepad. It’s still Alpha.
  • Simple Screen Recorder: an excellent application to record videos on the Pandora desktop, including your voice if you really want to share some comments. I tried it yesterday and it works really well (read the comments on the thread on how to use it).
  • UFO: Alien Invasion: a clone of UFO Enemy Unknown, all made in 3D and OpenGL. That’s a huge game and PtitSeb had to go over the PND size limits to upload it.
  • Enemy Territory: Legacy: this is a nice follow up to the release of RTCW. ET: Legacy is based on the source code of the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory which was released under the GPLv3 license. You need to download the data files separately but they are free. You can also play onlne with this, after you create a key. Very promising!
  • World of Padman: a multiplayer game based on the Quake3 technology where you play the role of tiny players in realistic environments. It’s not bloody or violent, on the contrary it takes things on the light side, but you still have to get rid of people 🙂 PtitSeb did another full GLES port for this. More than 1 Gb of a PND. You’ll need a swapfile.
  • FreeCiv 2.4: latest sources! Looks like nobody has been paying attention to this. There are no civilization fans out there?

Shit, that was a busy week. Great work everyone, well done. As you can see your Pandora can do more and more stuff in games and other applications every single day.

If anyone wanted an example on any community-driven project, now the Pandora would be the first one to come to mind. For users, by users.

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