Weekly Software News – April 29 to May 5


Hello everyone! If you were wondering why there were very few posts on PandoraLive during the past few days, it’s because this was Golden Week in Japan and therefore a good opportunity to travel for a long weekend. I personally went to Taiwan and had a great time in Taipei. In the meantime, the repo has seen a lot of activity (that’s what you get when PtitSeb is back!), so lets get down to business.

Software Updates (14)

  • PanMame: minor update but this is the power of the community at work here: some people asked for Donkey Kong 2 – Jumpman Returns support and Mcbit made it happen. Sometimes you just need to ask (and scream like a baby) to make things occur.
  • Litecoin: bug fix regarding the config file.
  • SunVox: summer is close and this version gets some bug spray treatment as well. Minor update.
  • RickyD: bug fixes and Pandora-related improvements in this minor but necessary update for the Rick Dangerous clone.
  • Dune Dynasty: minor update regarding controls.
  • Widelands: updated to last source version.
  • Bitcoin: now updated with a bitcoin miner included!
  • The Devil: minor updates to controls.
  • Kami Retro: not sure what the update is about. But it’s still a very good commercial game to get if you have not bought it yet.
  • Wagic: fixed sound – it should be working now.
  • ASCIIpOrtal: major update to the latest source. Note that upgrading will break your saved games. A lot of new levels included.
  • NoteCase Pro: updated, but the PND info does not say what are the changes. I’ll take a wild guess and call it a minor update.
  • AstroMenace: updated version with various speed improvements for this beautiful shooter.
  • PPSSPP: minor update, but it should be a bit faster with better frameskip, too.

New Releases (14)

  • SQLiteBrowser: a GUI tool to open and edit SQLite databases.
  • wxHexEditor: a tool to do hex editing on the go. Could be useful for ROM hacking and the like.
  • Pandora Trader Message: my own little one-shot application to display a text message with you forum user name and Pandora specs when you want to trade your Pandora. Should be only used once, I guess.
  • Kball: a relatively old game (2004) ported for the Pandora. The objective is to move a ball around the level without falling or running out of time.
  • TestBed: an input test tool for Pandora, related to the Kami Retro game.
  • Kraptor: a shoot ’em up in 2D. Despite the name it seems this game is NOT crap.
  • Tetet: a bi-drectional Tetris game. Intriguing.
  • BitTorrent Sync: it was just released a couple of days ago and here it is already on your Pandora. It’s a way to synchronize or share folders or files between devices, using the bittorrent protocol. A potential replacement for Dropbox?
  • Skunks: a 3D racer. Amusing, yet still basic. Aims to be more realistic and difficult than most racing games out there.
  • PySolFC: a collection of solitaire games. If you have time to kill…
  • LuckyBackup: a backup tool from the Linux world.
  • Puzzle Moppet: a reflexion game where you control a gnome who has to reach the exit of the level by moving blocks around. All in 3D.
  • FLAT: Tron on Ice? a first person shooter where you ice-skate. Interesting concept but it’s still very simple.
  • Auralquiz: a quiz game based on your MP3 collection. Select a folder and it will generate questions for you about the tracks you have!

The repo has now 890 apps. The 900 limit is almost here! Have a great week, everyone!

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