Weekly Software News April 28th to May 4th 2014


Another active week on the repo while I was in Korea for the past weekend, hence the late update. PtitSeb has been playing around with glshim to bring us more and more ports and an improved version of Oolite as well, and in terms of updates, Flashenv finally includes URL spoofing to make more games runnable on Pandora. Great stuff.

Updates (7)

  • Double Cross 2.0: some custom Pandora controls were added. By the way the original author has noticed that this was ported to the Pandora and posted the following message: “Author here. Glad to see people playing this. I was very surprised to find that it had been ported or was being played by anyone.”
  • MaTris: now with added background music, Pandora specific controls and license information.
  • MPS: now with fix for the unicode bug in streaming, but there are apparently similar issues with downloading the very same files that caused the problem in the first place. Volume level indicator was added, btw.
  • OOlite: PtitSeb has done a great job to update Oolite in the past few days. He ported the latest code 1.771, improved the launching script, optimized the texture size, fixed texture issues, and more… well done.
  • Flashenv: now features URL spoofing since several flash games include this kind of protection.
  • Extreme Tux Racer: update to upstream sources, fixed fog rendering and included several speed improvements.
  • QTractor: latest beta release!

New Releases (8)

  • Unnamed game with a mole: as it says… an unnamed game featuring a mole. This was created for a 48 hours game compo. Don’t expect something outstanding.
  • Trackballs: a Marble Madness clone. It was ported with glshim.
  • No Gravity: a space battle simulator, but on the arcade side of things. Once again ported using glshim!
  • Transcend: an abstract shooter, ported using glshim. Yeah, again!
  • Mixxx: Canseco ported this open source software for DJ-ing around. You can perform live beatmixes with MP3, OGG and other kind of files.
  • The Legend of Edgar: a platform game in the 16 bits tradition.
  • Free Siege: A tetris-like war game, remake of a previous closed source title.
  • The Ur-Quan Masters Easier: This is a second version of Star Control II, the other one is already on the repo. But this one makes it easier to win combats. Note that this version will conflict with the previous UQM PND you may have, so you need to delete the previous PND or move it out of the discoverable folders.

That’s it for the past week.

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