Weekly Software News – April 22 to 28


The past week was relatively quiet, but it seems like the break was pretty short after all. While PtitSeb is still enjoying his vacation, things are still relatively under control at this point, but one can already feel a tremor shaking the ground. The signs are clear: there will be more updates coming up soon. And this week’s release of new apkenv and DraStic versions are already going to eat up the rest of your free time for a while.

Software Updates (8)

  • Pandora Microbes: not sure what changed (repo does not say) so I’d say it is a probably a minor update but feel free to correct me if I am wrong in the comments.
  • Dune Dynasty: minor update for buttons mapping.
  • The Devil: minor update to better fit the Pandora screen and controls, thanks to PtitSeb as well as the author of the original game!
  • DraStic: minor update since you will not see a huge difference in performance yet, but you can be sure a lot of work went in that version nonetheless. Note that Picross 3D, among others, should now look better as the rendering problems have been corrected or the situation, at least, improved.
  • apkenv: In case you missed my recent article, apkenv now supports World of Goo and Super Hexagon on top of the previous games. Just great! You can check a short post published a few days ago about World of Goo, by the way.
  • Pandafe: minor update for this universal launcher but it apparently fixed some serious memory leaks from previous versions.
  • Qupzilla: minor update to the latest stable version of this pretty good web browser. Definitely one of the best out there while Arora is still a bit faster.
  • Pandora System Info: Minor update. _wb_ just added the same functionality as Pandora Model Check (see below in new releases) in his own tool. So you can use this new version as well to detect your Pandora Model.

New Releases (6)

  • Micropolis-J: a recreation of Simcity in Java using the original code from Will Wright (this was made open source for the OLPC initiative in the first place).
  • CGoban3: software to play Go online versus others! The first PND from cuetzpalin, well done! You will need to download the separate jar archive and put it in the appdata folder, since the executable jar cannot be freely distributed on the repo (licensing issues).
  • Pandora Model Check: A very simple software to check what Pandora Model you have. I just packaged this a few days ago and I posted a short post about it a few days ago. It may be interesting for you if you want to customize your programs depending on the Pandora model it runs on.
  • Litecoin: a bitcoin client optimized for bitcoin-like mining! Don’t expect to get great results on a Pandora, though. Litecoin is a new version of bitcoin with a faster blockchain, it seems.
  • Bitcoin: way more interesting, the actual Bitcoin client for Pandora! You can now do exchanges of Bitcoin and become rich directly with your Pandora, anywhere. In case you slept under a rock for the past 6 months, a bitcoin was only 10 dollars or so in late 2012 and now it’s more than 100 dollars, while the price changes everyday.
  • RickyD: a remake of the famous 80s platformer Rick Dangerous 1. It features a level editor as well. I tried it on my Rebirth and it’s not very fast nor smooth. You may want to give it a shot, just in case.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy the first days of May and lets see what the next week brings!

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