Weekly Software News – April 1 to 7


Another week, another long list of updates and releases. Where will it stop?? This time I should blame myself most of all, since I was responsible for a few new uploads in the repo, as we will see in detail. The big news is probably the release of Firefox 20, which makes my previous article about the best browsers on Pandora already slightly obsolete. Ah well.

Software Updates (9)

  • PPSSPP: I’d say minor update, but this emulator keeps getting better and better. If you have a 1Ghz Pandora there are already games (very few, let’s be honest) running near full speed with this. It’s pretty amazing, really.
  • Arora: minor update around AdBlock (nasty bug fix) and PtitSeb included a new flash library to play videos, but it does not work yet. Firefox is still your best bet to watch those flash movies online.
  • Firefox 20: major/minor? I’ll let you decide. There are a few new features like the panel-based download manager, among other things. We’ll review its performances in terms of browsing in a little while, to see how it compares to its predecessor. As usual, if you test it, please provide help to the developers by giving feedback on the official topic.
  • Qupzilla: minor updates related to certificates fixes. Still a pretty good browser overall, right after Arora in terms of speed.
  • DosBox EX v9: minor update, providing you the possibility to directly use *.iso and *.cue files.
  • OpenTyrian: update to the latest git changes, and various fixes.
  • PandaBAS BASIC: minor update with the addition of the latest version of the BASS sound library.
  • Dillo Web Browser: minor fix.
  • Frozen Fruits: this puzzle game now included Frozen Fruits 2 as well.

New Releases (11)

  • MangaStream Downloader: a tool to download mangas from MangaStream. There are still a couple of issues around the chapter part, and downloading seems a little broken somehow. I will have to see how to fix that…
  • HelloNzb: a tool to download (binary) files from Usenet servers via NZB index files. This is another popular way of getting certain kind of files on top of torrents.
  • Periodic Calendar: an utility mostly for women, to track their period and ovulation timings. The software then predicts the times in the month when women can or cannot be fertile.
  • Bomberman Collection: a faithful recreation of the Bomberman games, with a collection of 2 Bomberman games, while there is sadly no LAN support at this stage.
  • ASCIIPortal: A clever recreation of Portal in ASCII. It has received outstanding ratings so far.
  • Rockbot_Beta4: a remake of Megaman/Rockman using the same style of graphics and enemies. This is still in beta. I tried it and it runs great, but there are a couple of issues (enemies blinking too much making them invisible, and crashes). Very well done otherwise.
  • Aleona’s Tales: a game in the style of Warcraft, running on the Stratagus Engine.
  • Fx702p Calculator: a fully-featured Casio Fx702p emulator including the calculator mode, a full basic implementation and a original debugger as well as some sample programs. Even if you do not use the advanced functions, it’s a great calculator nonetheless.
  • DMDirc: a cross-platform IRC client written in Java, with a couple of cool features.
  • Bump3: a MP3 aggregator. You can retrieve and download songs providing only the author name and song title. It does the rest automatically. Works very well. Be careful about the legal aspects of downloading MP3 files in your country, though.
  • GP2X Sokoban: A port of GP2X Sokoban for the Pandora.
  • FileBot:Β The ultimate TV and Movie Renamer / Subtitle Downloader! FileBot is an excellent tool for renaming your movies, television shows or anime and downloading subtitles.

Another busy week for the software offering on the Pandora. Who gets tired of it? Something tells me next week will be quite hectic again… and we will have a couple of pretty nice articles coming on Pandoralive as well. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to tweet and share these articles around you ! Don’t forget to register to our weekly newsletter as well.

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Thanks for these cont. updates,

Would suggest adding a link to each release to ease checking (end of post with target=_blank)

Are there any PSP hits that work full speed on PPSSPP Pandora port or not yet? Didn’t find a compatibility list althoug someone suggested creating one in the comments in repo a while ago…


Checked after I posted the comment and indeed there’s a compatibility list there, not sure why would it be same on Pnadora though, highly doubt the Pandora CPU matches any of the devices there πŸ™ Yup I agree it is hard to have all these links, but a single link to the repo in the end of the post would help lazy couch potatoes (hint hint, like those who have 2 digits numbers in their IDs ; ) will help them land there πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for your support to the Pandora, you can never imagine how many Pandorians… Read more »


Just a comment about Bomberman Collection. One of the bomberman (Bomber) has LAN play. And it’s crossplatform (I tested with kids on 2 pandoras + 1 PC, great fun). What is missing is WAN options. So, you can play with friends in your house, but not with friends on the internet.

Jon Pritchard

Nice updates, great summary of the new and updated releases. Thanks for your efforts.