Weekly Software News 7th to 13th April 2014


Yo guys. You may have been wondering why there were so few updates on PandoraLive in the past week. Well, two reasons. One, I was not feeling very well, and had to sleep early several days to get better (getting there…), and two, I’m moving to a different place soon so I have been busy with packing and fun stuff like that. Looks like I was not the only busy one around, since this was a relatively quiet week on the Repo.

Updates (9)

  • Qsynth: updated to latest version.
  • Bitfighter: updated the latest sources.
  • Quassel: the latest update takes care of the HeartBleed bug with updated openSSL libraries. From the official website: “…by default the connection between a Quassel client and core is encrypted using SSL (or, rather, TLS); in particular, it affects you if you run a core that supports SSL and is exposed to the public internet (clients, both monolithic and stand-alone, are not affected because they don’t offer an SSL-encrypted service).”
  • QMMP-stable: updated the latest stable release.
  • Predator Prey Simulation: Two new examples added.
  • BGS, Backup Saved Games: a quick update to support more recent gaming PNDs and back their saved data up. I’m working on a larger update with a much better UI, to be released sometimes soon.
  • StarCraft: Notaz has included several improvements such as a partial surface update (improves performance), adaptive vsync (saves battery) and he fixed a crash observed by Linux-SWAT when scrolling replay list. All in all, this should make Starcraft full speed even at 600 Mhz on a regular Pandora. Well done!
  • AlsaModularSynth: last stable release.
  • TightVNC Viewer: updated to the latest version.

New Releases (1)

  • Advanced Strategic Command: a free, turn based strategy game. It is designed in the tradition of the Battle Isle series from Bluebyte and is currently available for Windows and Linux. I remember spending a lot of time on Battle Isle when I was way younger, it was an excellent wargame on Amiga (and other computers), and this, way before Advance Wars came and stole the concept for the consoles.

That’s it for this week. Not much new stuff but I’m counting on the developers out there to turn things around for the next week !

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