Weekly Software News 3rd to 9th March 2014


I can’t say the past week was really busy on the repo. But there was a very, very notable release. Notaz’s build of Starcraft on Pandora, using static recompilation. An impressive achievement that we’ll need to come back on in a separate article, but already a lot of people are enjoying it and reporting excellent performance. But that was not all…

Updates (12)

  • NoteCase Pro: there’s an update, but no info on the repo, so no info here either 😛
  • Mumble: a small fix, while SSL is still being worked on apparently. I need to give this one a go again.
  • QEmu Dos Games Pack: this latest version should fix the issues encountered on CC Pandoras.
  • DosBox EX + Games Downloader: some small updates on the Games Downloader side, with displayed Games Count, Free Space indicator and other optimizations.
  • Gourmet Recipe Manager: this version should now work on FAT32 cards as well ! Get your cooking tools ready !
  • QJackCtl: now with added a2jmidi plugin.
  • BitFighter: this polygonal shooter has been updated to the latest stable source.
  • FreeCiv: the civilization clone has been updated to its latest stable sources as well.
  • Warcraft: M-HT has just decided to update his own experiments in static recompilation after notaz’s Starcraft release. This now includes a newer version of WildMIDI, and includes a configuration editor.
  • X-Com: Ufo Defence, XCom: Terror from the Deep and Albion get the same treatment from M-HT!
  • Apple II: this emulator has now been updated with a configuration file where you can apparently modify the joystick settings.

New Releases (3)

  • Rocks: a kind of Asteroid game made by Dredd back in 2003. And just ported on Pandora.
  • Starcraft: notaz’s latest wonder. I have tried it myself as well and it works smoothly on my 1Ghz Pandora. You’ll need the original Starcraft files, but most people should have it by now, since Starcraft was such a popular game. By the way, Notaz has done an update since then fixing most bugs.
  • GLHack: NetHack wrapped in a GL interface.

Alive and Kicking Coding Competition

There are a couple of categories where we need arbitration from judges for the 2nd and 3rd places, so once this is done I will publish a final list of all the winners.

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Thanks for the information. Especially the software updates.. very useful to see what new stuff is available.