Weekly Software News 31st March to 6th April 2014


A pretty active week in early April. Tons of updates (the ZDoom one being probably the biggest so far with the inclusion of GZDoom) and a couple of cool surprises among the new releases: you get Thunderbird and XBMC at the same time – enough to waste your free time for a while!

Updates (11)

  • Reicast: in line with the latest sources. Don’t expect much differences in speed at this stage.
  • PPSSPP: a new version I tested briefly. Not many differences vs the previous 0.98 version, but some small speed improvements here and there as well as some fixes in a couple of games.
  • Periodic calendar: this update allows for a flexible temperature range in case the recorded temperature is above or below the default range.
  • JDiskReport: this very useful tool to find out what’s taking space on your drive is now updated with a fix for the filter function.
  • ProjectLibre: It’s been a while since i did not bring an update to this Microsoft-Project-like software. Many changes under the hood probably, but i’m not sure what exactly changed since the last version I released.
  • GanttProject: a competitor to ProjectLibre, I find this last version of GanttProject actually more practical to use than ProjectLibre.
  • Jmol: this molecular viewer and builder gets a ton of updates every year, and this latest version is already very polished.
  • Predator Prey Simulation: not sure what changed in this update…
  • Battle For Wesnoth: updated to the latest sources. Glitches in mini-map are still being investigated.
  • ZDoom: this time PtitSeb packaged ZDoom and GZDoom together so you can enjoy ZDoom in OpenGL (with glshim taking care of the conversion to GLES2!). This update brings a whole new set of libraries for the sound part, making Brutal Doom a bit better than before, while still not perfect.
  • MaTris: reduced file size (hehe, git!)

New Releases (6)

  • M.A.R.S.: a new port using glshim (with modifications by PtitSeb), this time a very colorful space shooter.
  • MPS: I have found this tool on github a couple of weeks ago. It’s a very cool application to stream or download music from the net, in a very simple way (while it’s a terminal tool). It works almost flawlessly, you should give it a try !
  • MaType: A typing game. With insects in the background.
  • Thunderbird: If you were waiting for it, here it is. PtitSeb managed to compile Thunderbird (actually EarlyBird) and it seems to work well while I haven’t tried it myself yet.
  • Mečiarnátor 2: an old slovak/czech demo by DIGITAL CRIME UNLTD, ported to Pandora by M-HT.
  • XBMC Media Center: I mentioned it last week, XBMC is an excellent software to view videos, play music and stream online content. Something I almost use every single day now. Check out my article on the subject from last week.

Don’t forget to rate applications in the repo and leave comments. People spend lots of time porting and updating applications and the least you could do as a user is say “thanks” or report issues 🙂

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