Weekly Software News 24th to 30th March 2014


This past week was the last one in Japan where you could still buy stuff with 5% VAT. The government of Abe and his stupid Abenomics (the media think he has reinvented economics), while all what Abe did was to massively inflate the money supply (+40% supply increase in one year leading to a massive weakening of the yen on the global markets and prices increases in Japan, naturally) and increase taxes everywhere, with the VAT moving up at 8% from April 1st, and 14% down the road. Yeah, increasing VAT has worked so well in Europe, I’m sure this will get Japan out of its economic misery! ‘Nuff nonsense, let’s look at what made the repo inflate in the past few days.

Updates (9)

  • PPSSPP: another update from the latest sources, now moving to – there are a couple of games where the speed is increased, so you probably should update – there were no regressions observed, but no clear improvement either in compatibility, so far. Check out the updated compatibility list, by the way.
  • DraStic: this update fixes a few issues with a number of games. There are a couple of new features as well, such as the support of 7z and RAR archives (you can now save space for your roms!), a beta DLDI emulation, database info for newer games, emulation of NAND backup, and game icon display in file browser. Some of the fixes removed the crashes encountered in Sonic Chronicles.
  • Firefox 28: Hdonk has been very fast to port the latest version of Firefox to the Pandora. This being said, this update of Firefox does not bring tons of news, one of the most significant updates being the addition of volume control in the HTML5 movie player control. Something we won’t really use on Pandora anyway.
  • Snowman Reloaded: control mapping can now be changed in game.
  • qpdfview: last stable release, with libpoppler, fixed point and single precision constant optimizations.
  • QComicbook: Same thing for QComicbook, now packaged with the latest libpoppler and the same optimizations mentioned for qpdfview.
  • LMMS: latest stable version.
  • Valyria Tear: updated to the latest sources.
  • SpaceFM: this excellent file manager has been updated to the latest sources – and it includes a ton of changes and fixes.

New Releases (5)

  • Predator Prey Simulation: a game of life kind of simulation where you can modify the parameters.
  • Don’t touch the Edge: apparently a simple yet addictive game that I have yet to try… 🙂
  • MaTris: another tetris clone released under GPL.
  • Double Cross 2.0: a tetris reboot with a twist: blocks fall vertically and horizontally from the top and the left of the screen, and you need to make large square to make blocks disappear!
  • Snakey Party: Basically a snake game just like on the first 8 bits computers 🙂

It will be mentioned in the next weekly update, but know that XBMC was just released yesterday by PtitSeb and it’s FAN-TA-STIC! Check out the XBMC article if you want to know more.

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