Weekly Software News 20th to 27th April 2014


Wow, ten new releases in a single week, and another 10 updates? That’s one of the most active weeks in the recent History. And this has nothing to do with the alignment of stars or planets, but a lot of it is driven by the fact that PtitSeb was on vacation and therefore had more free time to spend compiling stuff with the Pandora! Well done to him as well as all the other contributors in this week!

Updates (10)

  • QMMP-stable: Now with fixed Opus support.
  • QTractor: now with Triceratops 0.1.9, Guitarix 0.29, Zita-rev, Retune and Drumgizmo 0.9.5 LV2 plugins.
  • Blender: an update to 2.68, with hardware acceleration. It’s still a bit slow for the GUI so you may need a real mouse to have better precision.
  • Blob War: Metal Blob Solid: now with added documentation.
  • Double Cross 2.0: now with C4A support !
  • QupZilla: this update fixes the GreaseMonkey extension that did not work anymore.
  • Tong: last stable release.
  • Battle of Wesnoth: update to the latest sources.
  • FreeCiv: now with added Modpack and manual.
  • BillardGL: pixel ratio is hardcoded in 4:3 so the screen has been resized to 640*480.

New Releases (10)

  • OOlite: The game inspired by Elite finally makes it on Pandora. It seems to work well but there are tons of keyboard commands so you better get used to it 🙂
  • TSLib Update: this is an update for the touch screen input library, in case you have a number of issues as described on the repo. You should only use if you have issues.
  • Wake on LAN: a little application to send a “magic packet” to wake up machines connected to the LAN. So, you can’t use this to wake your Pandora up, but you can wake other machines up from your Pandora.
  • NeverBall and NeverPutt (in the same PND!). Excellent 3D games from the Linux world, one is a mini-golf game, the other one is a game where you control the orientation of the environment and try to steer a ball to go in the right places. Both are very fun, while I prefer Miniputt.
  • Fachoda Complex: a basic flight simulator freshly recompiled by PtitSeb. It seems like the physics don’t always make sense (dropping altitude while at full throttle?)
  • ManiaDrive: a free software clone of TrackMania. Not bad, but far from being as good as the original.
  • FooBillard: the other billiard game, again making use of glshim. This one has sound, looks prettier (more GL effects), but the controls a little bit harder to grasp.
  • RJ Dominoes: a Dominoes game developed by NearTao, and converted for the Pandora.
  • Gods Deluxe: a remake of the excellent game Gods from the Bitmap Brothers in the early 90s. This remake uses Java but does not permit you to go full screen. It’s very playable, however.

A lot to try and play with. You’ll need some free time on your own as well !
Till next week!

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