Weekly Software News 17th to 23th March 2014


Another week has passed, bringing us closer to the end of March. In Japan the cherry blossoms should be visible in a couple of weeks now, so it should not take long until everyone rushes outside to drink beer under the sakura trees. In the meantime, there were a bunch of updates on the repo, while very few new releases. Actually, only one. I know PtitSeb is still working on several projects in parallel so no doubt we’ll see some new stuff from him soon as well.

Updates (14)

  • PPSSPP: another update from the latest sources. It does not bring much improvement while there are a couple of games that benefit from it. There’s no clear regression so you should probably update.
  • wxPython: GTK libs are now updated (2.24) and a few more libs were added.
  • HyperRogue: Missing libraries were added.
  • uPIM: no idea what changed, even the boards’ thread does not mention anything… Mmmm.
  • DosBox EX: some GUI changes in the virtual mapper, and cover pictures fixes.
  • 8 Bit Merchant: now with more balanced prices, and overall a more challenging game!
  • Snowman Reloaded: using NEON in the latest version. Does it make any difference? I need to try… 🙂
  • qpdfview: updated to latest beta release… interesting choice not to stay in the stable one. It now includes a newer version of a few libraries and it should make loading faster.
  • Ravage: added full screen scaling option in config file.
  • QComicbook: file associations were fixed (pdf, cbr, cbz and cbt).
  • wxHexEditor: updated to latest sources, and added missing libraries.
  • OpenXCom: updated to latest git soures, and screen stylus offset should now be fixed.
  • VCMI Heroes 3: apparently many improvements in this latest version, while there’s a little problem with buzzing music. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.
  • Qtractor: new beta release !

New Releases (1)

  • SporkHack: a variant of NetHack aimed at game balance. The creator “tried to make the game more interesting for experienced/skilled players, while making it no harder…for the newbie.”

That’s all for this past week!

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You got my change log comment wrong. The big changes I made were new movement acceleration for more detailed movement and some improvements for speed runs.
I played around with NEON, but my change log post “Let’s use NEON they said… it will be fast they said…” is a reference to a meme, in which bad (!) decisions are made. I had to REMOVE the NEON support, because it didn’t bring perfomance improvements, but was buggy. 😉


Hum, I think my GIMP 2.8 release is missing 🙁