Weekly Software News 10th to 16th March 2014


Yo guys. I have been a bit late for this update, since I was away for the weekend. Yeah, a man needs to get some rest sometimes. Actually, I did not get much rest, since I went to catch up with mmmkAlll in Tokyo as he was passing by. But more on that later. The previous week was a slow one for updates and releases, so it seems like the scene was just getting their act together not too put too much stress on my shoulders. Thanks a bunch !

Updates (20)

  • All the .emu emulators have been updated. Yeah, that’s 12 of them at once, updated to 1.5.19 version!
  • Pinta : now with an updated (and better) startup script.
  • PewPewTris: the new version uses an updated libdarnit version and framebuffer for EGL instead of a X11 window.
  • glhack 1.2: not sure what changed… no info in the repo.
  • LMMS: updated to last git sources.
  • Claws Mail: now with the new GNUTls library, fixing a potential security issue.
  • QMMP Stable: fixing jack audio support when playing videos.
  • Mono Runtime: now with newer GTK and Pango libraries support, and with a fix for character entry in a certain Windows control.
  • Non Mixer: this update is bundled with new plugins: Blepvco, mcp, vco and wah LADSPA.

New Releases (2)

  • AlsaModularSynth: a realtime modular synthesizer and effect processor. It means you can capture audio and modify it in real-time using this software. Another great audio port by Canseco 🙂
  • Ravage: a vertically scrolling top down shooter which was originally released as shareware in 1996. This is a port for the SDL framework.

Alive and Kicking Coding Competition

The final results are out! You can see the list of winners… and of their productions!

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