Upgrades & Repairs: How To Do It Right

Since the Rebirth edition was released in early 2012, Askarus has helped EvilDragon (ED) in the DragonBox shop (official Pandora distributor) – mostly for repairs and upgrades, as well as anything else (playing games, web browsing, listening to music and all that kind of hard work). I asked him to tell us more about Upgrades and Repairs, since that’s the place to go for both of these, worldwide.

[ Note: This is a guest post written by Askarus. ]

My qualifications: As Linux-Swat escaped to France and Link to the US, I was the only one left. In short words: There was some work that had to be done and I was the only one available to do it. Lucky me. 

So why did I write this article? Well some people are not sure what to do when faced with an issue with their Pandora… or when they want to upgrade. Since I take care of this kind of stuff, I can give you some advice. So let’s review what you should do, just in case you fall into one of these categories some day.

Your Pandora has a problem, and you need the RMA Sheet

Your Pandora is intended to break. Let me be clear: all modern devices are designed to last only as long as the warranty.

Unfortunately (for us), we are nice guys and repair your LCD-cable and nubs and housing even after warranty is over. If this occurs to you, get this document (RMA Sheet) and save it on your computer.

It’s a PDF with reserved space to write into.

Upgrade your old unit

You have an old Pandora? Want to get more power and RAM? You need to go to the upgrade page on the Dragonbox shop and order your upgrade. Then it’s simple: you send in your Pandora and include the invoice or your name and order number.

If you can’t live a couple of weeks without a Pandora, then you may also order a second one instead of upgrading.

The Moronic Mistakes We Usually See:

1: The guy didn’t write any message
So it’s a game and we have to guess what’s wrong? This is the worst you can do. Please tell us why you sent it in. The Pandora doesn’t tell anything. Even if we torture and open it up.

2: The message says “See ticket 64392739375” or “See email from 13.13.2013”
We can’t remember Ticket 64392739375 or your email from 13.13.2013. If this is the only information you tell us, we have to then search for the ticket or email. It would help a lot if there is also a short note included why the Pandora was sent in.

3: Incomplete Description. How do you like that.
Please mention everything that’s broken, at once. Mostly I notice unmentioned cracks in the housing, but that’s usually after the repair. It’s time consuming if I have to disassemble the Pandora a second time just because of an unmentioned crack.

4: Missing or incomplete address. We don’t have ESP, just so you know.
You want your Pandora back, don’t you? In Germany, the address also contains the name. It’s a little confusing for us if it’s missing, so please add it as well. For upgrades, the order number and name is enough.

5: Unreadable Handwritten Address. Hire a Scribe, goddammit. Or print stuff.
If you have a printer, please print your address. It’s much better to read. Especially if you haven’t touched a pen for 10 years. Seriously.

6: Including Your Battery for No Reason.
If it’s an upgrade, you don’t need to send your battery with you. The battery is heavy and increases shipping costs. If it’s an RMA and the battery might cause a problem, it’s of course useful to include it. If you send your battery, please don’t put it inside your Pandora. The battery will drain and it might take up to 20 minutes until the battery becomes usable again.

7: Sending us stuff we don’t need.
We don’t need the stylus even if you upgrade your housing. Also be careful not to forget SD cards inside your Pandora. Usually you’ll get them back, but it’s better not to send them. If it’s mentioned in the RMA sheet, it’s fine.

8: No Login Info.
Of course it’s up to you to authorize us to login to your OS. This being said, it’s best for testing if I can test directly with the OS you use. If the only problem is the LCD-cable, I don’t care about your login data, but if your menu behaves strangely, it might be useful. You never know.

9: Crazy boxes from over-protective people
You don’t need to put your Pandora in a box which is in a box which is in a box. One box is enough. Use as much tape as necessary, but give me a chance to open the package. No need to secure every centimeter of your package with tape – the lid is enough.

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The “Unreadable Handwritten Adress” must have been addet because of me (-;


Ah, I thought this was going to be another DIY repair guide. Looks good – I didn’t know about the RMA form for example, and we do get a few people on the forum unsure of what to do when they break their Pandora 🙂


All good advice. It must be frustrating to be in Askarus’ shoes somedays.

I also chuckled a bit at a couple of those. : D


I know this is likely not the best place to ask this but I guess I will anyway.

I purchased a first batch Pandora way back when, and I have been dealing with the purple tint of death for a while now. Even though I’m out of warranty, does this mean I could get it fixed for free, or would there be a charge?


Thanks for the article.

One question – what’s the address to send the Pandora to? Couldn’t find it in the article.