Update Your GPU Drivers. Damn it!


It occurred to me that there are still some folks who have not updated their GPU drivers and continue using the default one. There’s no good reason to wait anymore to get a slightly more updated one. So here’s a short post to encourage you to update ASAP, and ensure you get through the update unharmed. Don’t worry, it’s easy, even an über-noob could do it.

So why ? Why do you need to update the driver? Well, there are actually many 3D games where you see graphical glitches with the current default driver. Take Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Take Armagettron. Even in Mupen64plus you get glitches sometimes, due to the drivers. Glitches are annoying. And when it’s not glitches, it’s worse: the default driver jeopardizes the stability of certain applications. Take the last version of PPSSPP: if you use the default driver, it will keep crashing all the time for no apparent reason. Are you tired of this shit? Are you willing to live a better life and be a happy Man/Woman/In-Between? Good news, now you can do something about it.

It’s fairly simple really. You just need to get a PND from the boards, prepared by notaz. Grab it here, and save it on your Pandora SD Card, inside the pandora/apps/ folder. After you reboot or re-insert your SD Card, you should see a new item in the System > menu, called SGX Drivers Installer r1. Launch it. You will be asked to provide the root password. Just enter it and relax.

You will be faced with a number of drivers to choose from. This is where you have to be careful.


Get the one. Select it and click OK. A terminal window will open after and you’ll see a number of lines going through your screen. Don’t worry, that’s how computers work when you don’t hide stuff from the user behind stupid progress bars.


When it’s done, you can close the terminal, and you should now be ready to use the new driver. You don’t need to reboot. Probably.

Now you can try again the applications I mentioned above. Most of the glitches should now be gone. Sometimes, improving life is just about updating drivers. Thanks notaz for the installer and for the community members who tested several of them. rulez.

Now you can enjoy stuff as it’s meant to be played, if you don’t mind me borrowing this line from a certain company, dearly loved by our friend Linus.

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Done 🙂 nice one for bringing this up/reminding me 🙂


Does this apply to both the CC and Rebirth/1GHz units?


Good reminder
If not present on the wiki, you could update it.


this is why i love your blog so much!
paying no attention to the pandora scene for a while i just come back here and its like i never left.

i never felt any need to deal with gpu drivers. i somehow do now 🙂
keep up the good work, ekianjo!


Thanks for the reminder! Completely forgot I hadn’t updated my driver.

+1 love your blog


Is this post still accurate after the recent release of SuperZaxxon 1.60?


haven´t used my 1Ghz pandora for a while, but I want to update everything now. just launched the OS updater. Is the step above still necessary?