What You Guys Liked on PandoraLive in October


Yeah, I wish the Kiyomizudera in Kyoto were like that right now, but it’s not. Fucking maple leaves are late to turn red this year. So, in the meantime here’s our monthly top 5 of the articles which were somehow popular in October. There’s a few surprises, like always. And a few interesting trends as well. In case you didn’t check PandoraLive in October you may also want to double-check if you didn’t miss anything relevant.

5.DraStic, The Fastest DS Emulator on ARM, is Back

Yes, DraStic is still very much alive, it seems. It’s no wonder seeing how popular it has been on Android since its release, so we can expect to get some collateral traffic. It’s still significant, many months after its release.

4.You Really Should Be Using Virtual Desktops

Wow, many people complained about how insulting was the style used in this story, sorry guys if it hurt your feelings. I thought you could handle a little humor once in while. Anyway, the real point of this article was to show that using multiple desktops on Pandora was an excellent way to handle application switching in a very practical manner. I really recommend you try it. Now I can’t like without it anymore.

3.Steam’s Linux Future. A Smart Move ?

An off-topic article which was written a couple of days after the SteamOS, Machines and Controller announcements. If you are interested in any of this, you’d better this article. I have a few ideas as to where they are going and what they intend to achieve. And what the pitfalls of their strategy may be. But I’m positive it’s an interesting market experiment.

2.PPSSPP: The Hidden PSP in your Pandora

This is a recent article where I focused on this PSP emulator. It’s been available for a while on Pandora but the previous versions were clearly too slow to be usable for most games. But things took a different turn after the 0.9 version, when a good number of games became playable and full speed. Of course, it’s still a minority of games (somewhere betweeen 10 to 20%) but it’s still very impressive to see what can run on the Pandora hardware.

1.There and Back Again… Gamescom 2013

That was the key surprise I was talking about. Why is this article suddenly so popular for an event that’s long past? Beats me. There must somehow be something of interest in it, but who knows ? Maybe it has to do with some pieces of info regarding DraStic? Or a bunch of visitors just happened to see themselves in the pictures published and shared their faces with r/awfullooking or something ? I can just suppose stuff here.

Already November. The end of the year is very close, and this has been a great year for the Pandora overall. We’ll talk more about that before or after Christmas. While the community remains small, there were numerous strong software projects to support the platform and make it much better than it was 12 months back. And PandoraLive is now THE venue to talk about all this.

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