The Latest Qupzilla Browser is Great!


It’s been already a couple of months since I made a thorough comparison of the browsers available on Pandora. And most of it still remains true, while there were many updates since then. Firefox 21 came out just a couple of days ago, and yesterday the latest Qupzilla build was available as well. And you know what? Now it’s probably better than Arora.

Yup, I said it. Arora was clearly my browser of reference until now, just because it’s so fast and renders everything correctly. Qupzilla was a close second in my browser comparison article, but it was clearly slower to load and render pages.

The latest build by Canseco changes everything. I’ll have to do a full comparison again, but already it feels very fast, very much like Arora. It has a working Adblock utility in place, as well as a speed dial function to have your favorite websites show up as dials.


It’s a bit slow when you set them up but once it’s done, they are very fast to display.


Flash still does not seem to work, and I guess that’s something we have to keep relying for on Firefox. But I don’t miss it that much for most of the browsing I do.

The full screen mode was already a strong point of Qupzilla and this really gives you way more screen space than Arora. A pleasure when you are checking sites like Google news where the page is literally “full” of information.

Google news in Japanese
Arstechnica, well known for its “stuff everywhere” style of page

You can also forget about the annoying certificates errors that occur frequently on Arora when you visit new sites. They don’t seem to show up at all in Qupzilla.

On top of that you get a RSS Feed reader, very handy to open directly the sites you want to visit without using a separate application like Liferea.


One last thing, important for me but not for most of you: Japanese input works directly in the browser. That was not the case with Arora (so I had to use Firefox before for that purpose). Seriously, the latest version fixes so many things that there’s nothing you can’t love. Ah, yes,  I forgot to mention that there is one thing.


The crappy looking logo. What’s with the light blue, half-assed transparent Earth? That needs some work.

All in all, a very impressive update. I recommend you switch immediately to Qupzilla for your daily browsing. There’s nothing much to lose, and much to gain.

Don’t hesitate to share your experience as well, and let’s see if you pick up some things that Arora does well but Qupzilla don’t. You never know, I may have missed something.

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Sebastián Castro

Hehe, I’m a prophet! I was using it because of your last post about the browsers and now it got better.

Thanks for the heads up!

Sebastián Castro

Oh! And if you are into facebook, you can type and use the interface that has a look and feel like the facebook app for Android.

I have to set up Japanese, that’s gonna be glorious! I’ll be able to study on the go.


Little correction. It was me who did the last 3 updates to Qupzilla.
Certificates are bundle, that’s why you don’t see any “error” messages.
About flash, arm version is old ,outdated and a security risk.
Anyway i’m more worried about html5 video performance, still slow.


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After our last dispute, I gave Qupzilla a new try. Especially the adblock feature (which doesn’t work properlyin Arora), the speed dial and no SSL error spam were quite interesting.

However even without working adblock Arora is much faster on a CC unit, especially with multiple Tabs open. If I open more than 6 Tabs (e.g. threads in a board, which I open most of the time in background tabs at once before reading them) it gets quite slow.


Nevermind… If I deactivate the Adblock it is faster than Arora as it seems.
So… Qupzilla IS awesome!


I have just started using this browser today and I am quite impressed. I was looking for alternatives to chrome and Firefox because of Google’s spyware and the anti free speech stance taken by Mozilla. I wanted a browser that good support of html5 and was as fast as chrome. I tried midori but YouTube always crashed and a lot of hardware intensive websites didn’t function correctly. This so far has not crashed on me and is suiting my needs. I’m finally one more step away from being free of Google. The only thing I still can’t find a good… Read more »


The pictures of this article are missing.

But I will give Qupzilla a try 🙂