Team-Building with Slack on Pandora


Slack is yet another tool to make it easier for people to collaborate remotely, without using Email. Hey, there are literally tons of startups out there that aim at replacing Email, and Slack is the latest one I have tried. The good thing about Slack is that it runs on all devices, with an app (for example for your smartphones) or in your browser. On top of that, it’s designed to be used even in a small window, making it a joy to use it on Pandora as well.

But what is Slack exactly? Well, it’s a kind of proprietary IRC reboot. You create conversation channels that your team members or friends can join, and basically it records your whole conversation as you type it. On top of its IRC-like function, you can edit your previously shared messages (and they appear with an “edited” mention when you do so). You can share files, links, previews directly in the discussion. If you want to create specific channels it’s possible as well so that you ensure the topic is focused when needed.


This is what a typical conversation may look like:


While it works fine in a Qupzilla window, the full screen mode looks even better:


It has a great search function as well which makes it easy to find what you talked about a while ago. So yeah, it’s pretty much a revised IRC system with a few additional features to make it a bit more user friendly and more visual.


It takes a while to load the application at first on Pandora (hey, it’s all JavaScript after all!) but once you are done it runs very smoothly. Nothing to complain about. At least with Qupzilla, I did not try other browsers. Especially since the latest Firefox for Pandora runs like a dog. I mean, more like a turtle. Fuck Mozilla seriously.

I have no incentive to sell you on Slack, but hey, it’s one of these web applications that does not require a thermonuclear plant to run at acceptable speed, and is properly resizable to Pandora screen standards. I can’t say the same about Asana for example. It has many more functions as well, it would be too long here to go in details, but it’s not JUST an IRC clone, there are additional features as I mentioned, such as the integration of other online applications (Dropbox, Google Docs, Github and many more…) to enhance its initial features.


Since you can use the application for free for the base functions, I’d recommend you give it a try if you are interested in Email alternatives for project tracking or team collaboration!

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