SZ 1.62 is Coming and It Will Break Things


Last week there was a new Super Zaxxon firmware Release Candidate, called 1.62RC. Despite the innocent looking version number, it is updating some important system libraries and this is going to break many of the PNDs you are currently using. I feel it should have been called 1.70 or something, to give a hint to users, but anyway we’ll have to live with it.

The reason why you need to care about this is because it updates the following:

  • UPDATE:several system libraries have been updated: glib and gtk2 to latest version, several others to newer versions that are compatible with latest gtk. This may break some PNDs (mostly because of glib ABI changes, those PNDs will have to be recompiled), but will allow ports of new software.
  • CHANGE: changed default SGX driver to for 1GHz units, for others it stays the same as before.
  • UPDATE: networkmanager: some tweaks to make it connect faster
  • UPDATE: bash: updated to 3.2.57 (bug and shellshock fixes)
  • UPDATE: xserver-xorg: updated to 1.7.7 (from 1.7.4), makes BT keyboard crash less, but the problem is still there
  • some other minor fixes
  • NEW: Kernel: new wifi stick drivers: MT7601U and RTL8192EU
  • NEW: Kernel: new driver for the SoC temperature sensor
  • NEW: Kernel: lots of new media drivers from 3.16 media compatibility layer (adds support for many more webcams and USB TV tuners)
  • UPDATE: Kernel: updated to stable 3.2.63 release
  • NEW: Kernel: added texture streaming module to all SGX drivers
  • Kernel: minor tweaks (GPT support, added logging of missing firmware and segfaults, etc

Glib and GTK2 updates are the main culprits for breaking things, and there are already several PNDs reported as non-working anymore after this update, such as:

  • Daikatana
  • Hammerwatch
  • Oolite
  • Open Hexagon
  • Secret Maryo Chronicles
  • Valyria Tear
  • ZDoom

To fix these issues, PtitSeb, one of the main porters on Pandora, has updated several of his PNDs. Problem is, if you are using something like PNDManager to update your applications, if you are not careful and have not updated your firmware yet, you will end up updating PNDs that will not work on your system anymore until you upgrade to 1.62.

You can upgrade with the following methods:

  • Use the “Upgrade Pandora OS”-Version (User-Modified configs will not not be overwritten with the new version).
  • Download a full image for 1.62, extract the zip file, put it on the root of your SD card 1, reboot your Pandora by holding the right shoulder button, and then select boot from SD Card 1 (left slot) and follow the instructions. Note that this will erase everything that you have on the NAND, but at least you will start with a clean state.

Both methods do not remove anything related to the PNDs you have on your SD Cards.

So, anyway, you are strongly advised to upgrade your firmware first, and download the PND updates after that. Don’t forget to report issues with PNDs you use after you move to 1.62.

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“Download a full image for 1.52”
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