It’s Survey Time !


I have just launched a relatively long survey aimed at taking a snapshot of the community members, and better understand their habits as gamers, what led them to the Pandora, what they think of the Pandora, and what they expect from the Pyra in the near future. It’s already online so you are encourage to participate right now!

The survey is right there. Note that it’s powered by Google Docs so you’ll probably need a Google account to be able to answer. I saw some people who were apparently not interested to create a Google account for that purpose, and I’m sorry this is a constraint for them, but that goes with the system I chose to use. Hopefully it won’t be a big issue for too many participants.

EDIT: at this stage the survey is made for Pandora owners. If you do not own a Pandora yet, please wait a little bit, I will add an option to make it possible for you to answer, probably during the course of the weekend.

EDIT2: You can now answer the survey even if you do not have a Pandora at this stage. I have also embedded the survey at the bottom of this page, as it may work this way without creating a Google Account.

I plan to share the compiled results with everyone in the course of November, so until then, you are encouraged to participate! Hopefully you’ll get to learn a lot more about the community through this exercise, and see where you fit in yourself! And I hope you have fun in the process as well 🙂


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Glyph Reader
Glyph Reader

I would have filled out the survey, but I do not have a Pandora yet, even though I plan to buy the Pyra. 🙁 There doesn’t seem to be any options for not owning a Pandora. I’d like to think I’m a part of the community, even though I don’t have a Pandora.

-Glyph Reader


I can’t take the survey, as I don’t own a Pandora, even though I’m active on the boards – is that correct?


I jumped right in and took the survey without looking to see what you said about a non Pandora option, for people like me. So, I either stated what my intentions would be if I had one, or just picked whatever option was closer to reality.

Is it possible for me to go back later and answer any new questions that you add? Also, a feedback option for the survey itself at the end would be cool.

Tyson Mussman

Good article, thanks.