Stardew Valley Runs on the Pandora!

Let’s face it, the Pandora is pretty much end of life: you can’t buy it anymore (out of stock), it had only a limited production run, and the community is less and less active (well, it’s been almost 10 years since the project started). Yet, thanks to the ongoing efforts of PtitSeb, another unexpected port makes it to the format: Stardew Valley.

To make it work on the Pandora, well you need to first get the Steam or GOG Linux build of the game. Then, the Mono PND needs to be installed, since it’s a game running on Mono. However, it is a modern game which requires OpenGL as well, and as you know the OpenPandora hardware only supports GLES. PtitSeb has been progressively building a shim, gl4es, to map OpenGL instructions and shaders to GLES 2 hardware calls.

As you can see the game runs decently on a 1 Ghz version. PtitSeb recommends to have a large swap since the game tries to load everything in memory right from the start, taking up to 1.8Gb of RAM unless you downsample the audio files. Since the Pandora only allows for 512 Mb of RAM, building a 2Gb swap file does the trick. PtitSeb has even developed a tool to downsample files automatically, to make things fit on a 1Gb swap file instead. You can also use the stylus to play instead of the nubs.

Another impressive port by PtitSeb, pushing the limits of what the Pandora can do day after day!

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Ingo Reis

Nice little Article.
Thank you for let the Site Online.. 😀

greetings from Germany


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