Squared: 2048 on Your Pandora


In case you have been living under a rock, you probably know of the recently popular game 2048, which was itself based on the popular mobile game Threes. 2048 ended up being more popular than Threes, making Threes look like a ripoff of it, which is quite funny when you think about it. Anyway. Squared, by Gandi, is a clone of 2048 for the Pandora. It’s pretty good.

Just in case you have never heard of 2048 at all, the goal of the game is to pair up numbers inside a Square. You pair up two 2’s, and you get a single 4. Pair up two 4’s and you get a 8, and so on. At each turn of the game, a new 2 appears inside the Square, while you decide to “push” the numbered boxes into a single direction to make numbers pair up: up, down, left or right.

You’ll understand that it will be easy to get numbers such as 16 or 32, but whenever you reach numbers such as 64 or 128, you need another 64 or another 128 in order to make them pair up into a new number. This means you need an increasingly large number of steps to get there, while 2’s keep popping up in the game box at every turn. You are basically fighting against entropy, and it gets hard pretty fast. Since it’s very unlikely you get to the magic number 2048, this is basically a score driven game.


Gandi’s version on the repo is very faithful to the original, and even includes pretty nice animations showing the tiles moving and merging together. The only quibble I have is related to the font used for numbers – it’s OK but there may be better looking fonts out there.

2048, or Squared, is one of those games that look very simple and straightforward at first, but can be very complex to fully grasp and master. You should probably give it a try.ย Note that you can also play the game in your web browser, if you want to try out the game without getting the PND for now.

Now I hope Gandi will provide C4A support for it, so that the Pandora community can compete for higher scores!

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if you haven’t read the design journal of the Threes! creator and their commentary on the clones, it’s worth the time: http://asherv.com/threes/threemails/


In fact I never heard of that game.
So obviously I live under a rock.

However, looks promising!


An excellent version of the game and a fine addition to the Pandora, even my wife wants my Pandora now ..


Squared crashes for me quite often. Seems to be an endless loop.


Okay, I give up. I have no idea, what’s going on. I just can’t play these game, which is a shame. :\


Recent firmware, default graphics driver. However I just played some games crashless at 600 Mhz. Maybe my Pandora isn’t so stabile at 800 Mhz like I thought… I will make some other testgames at low frequency the following days and will tell, whether the crashes reoccur.

I played several games at 600 Mhz (More then enough for that game as it seems). No crashs. So I set my default value to 700 Mhz now and will see, whether this will work now everytime. It is a CC Pandora. I just didn’t get to this idea bevore (and though it is a bug in the game) because most others applications and games work very will. Maybe this depends on Notaz SDL using some special magic with doesn’t work well at 800 Mhz on my model? I just wonder, because my own games (which don’t use notaz sdl… Read more »
Ooops, seems like I’ve been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, too (it was a rock on Corsica with no proper internet connection) since I only just now discovered your nice article about my little game. Thanks a lot for that, I really appreceiate it! Updates will follow (slowly – due to lots of other stuff to do) and C4A support will surely be one of them. I’ve recently been reading your flappy bird article to find a starting point on how to do it. One quick question that came to my mind: Squared will eventually offer… Read more »