In Space No One Can See You Type


That’s because Space is dark as fuck, just like your bedroom at night when the lights go out. Or even more so. And No One Can See You Type because you can’t type in the dark with your Pandora. You can’t even see the keys! I know there were some people on the forum hacking the integration of a LED directly in the case, but I had a better idea. Getting a USB LED light. Better because I can’t be bothered. And it works just as well, if not better.

It’s simple really. I ordered this stuff on Amazon in Japan, and I’m pretty sure you should find something equivalent or similar in your own country.


It’s basically a flexible arm ending with two LED lights, with a built-in a switch to cycle through the off position, one light on, or two of them on. The other end is a standard USB port.


Since the wire is rigid, it can hold in place no problem and this is perfect to use with the Pandora at night. Just rotate it around your case and the light will only make your keyboard visible without impacting the screen visibility. Besides, the whole stuff is very light so it does not make your Pandora unbalanced. A single LED lighted up is sufficient to make all your keys visible.

Here’s the difference that it makes in pictures. When it’s off, in the dark, good luck trying to see your keyboard…


Put it on, and LET THERE BE LIGHT !!!


This is very cool overall, but what about other uses ? Well there are several, actually. That’s what makes it even more cool. I don’t have a lamp on my Desktop PC desk, but sometimes I want to watch a movie while keeping my keyboard lighted up for controls. I can now just use my Pandora and this little light for that. It’s definitely powerful enough.


In Japan we often have earthquakes, and while I certainly am not looking forward to witnessing a big one, it’s always recommended to keep an emergency light with you when you sleep – in case the electricity goes out in the middle of the night during a natural catastrophe. This is also perfect for that purpose. The light is sufficient as well to see your surroundings and furniture. It may not be super bright but it’s definitely good enough to move around and find your way. Since the Pandora battery is pretty good, you can probably get several hours worth of light with this system. I’ll need to do some tests to confirm exactly how much you get, but even after using it 10 minutes, I only lost something like a single percent of battery power.

Don't you love product placement?
Don’t you love product placement?

So there you have have it. With this handy little light, you can use your Pandora literally anywhere, anytime.

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I have on of these too. Very helpful in a my bed room at night when all lights are out.


I’d forgotten I’ve got one of these – cheers for the reminder. I remember getting it one of the times Pandora production was only Two Months (TM) away.

Only tried it out once I think. Will have to dig it out and give it a try.


I have one but hadn’t thought to use it with the Pandora, good idea.