Weekly Software News – March 3 to 10


A lot of updates and new releases in this past week! That’s hardly something you would imagine right after a Coding Competition ends. P’titSeb even went berserk with some Android Emulator conversions. Judge for yourself!

Software Updates (about 10)

  • Magnetic – text games interpreter.
  • Aliens vs Predator – improving steadily.
  • Eduke32 – Duke Nukem 3D port.
  • PPSSPP – a little bit faster than before.
  • DraStic – see our review of the latest update.
  • QTM – used to push articles on this blog, by the way !
  • v2c – a 2chan channel browser – need japanese font and java install.
  • Widelands – minor update for this RTS.
  • Claws Mail – minor update for this email client.
  • Rockbox – update to 3.13 code base.

New Releases (about 11)

  • Kulic – a racing/shooting game from the Linux world.
  • GLQuake-ES – a new port for the Quake 1 engine.

PtitSeb had too much time on his hands and converted a bunch of Android emulators for the Pandora:

  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – 2600 Emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – PCE.emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – MSX.Emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – NEO.Emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – NES.Emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – GBA.Emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – MD.Emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – Snes9 EX.Emu
  • Emu EX Plus Alpha – GBC.Emu

Not all of the emulators work perfectly at the time of writing, and they have very much of a Phone interface, but they all suport GLES rendering which is not the case for some existing emulators on Pandora.

If you had any chance to test any of the above software, share your impressions in the comments below! Till next week !

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Just tested the Emu EX Plus Alpha for GBA and SNES. As said above their interfaces are a bit strange to operate but at least their functional. For the SNES Emu I was happy to finally hear the original sounds while playing (Megaman X2) as compared to the sometimes quite strange bleeps Snes9x4p sometimes offers but the frame-rate on the other hand is still a bit to slow to be considered enough to play. With the GBA Emu I tested a game that would frequently crash with gpSP namely Gundam Seed Battle Assault and to my surprise it played quite… Read more »


Is gles rendering actually better / faster than using SDL, framebuffer, X11 or whatever? As far as I know, it’s expensive to send new images or whole screen buffers to the GPU. Or they use this for simulating hardware sprites for arcade machines or what? ( Guess I should be asking this on the boards! )


The thread about the new emulators is here:

And “software news” is here on the boards, maybe put a link to this section?


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