Six Months of Pandora Scene Awesomeness

Time passes by fast, faster than I’d like but sometimes it has some good sides to it. For example, every week you get awesome new updates on the repo. And these updates, weeks after weeks, month after month, pile up and you end up with some big changes on the scene when you look back in the mirror. I was reminded of that aspect while conversing with PtitSeb about a presentation I made about the Pandora a couple of months back. Since then, a ton of things have changed. Let’s have a quick review of the past months milestones, and how relevant they were.


  • PtitSeb converted all of the Emu EX Plus Alpha emulators from Android to Pandora. It brought even better compatibility and consistency to several machines that were not properly emulated before.
  • PtitSeb perfected his LibreOffice port to display graphes and graphics properly in documents. That made LibreOffice the perfect solution to view and edit office documents on the go.
  • Super Zaxxon 1.54 was released, providing the new feature of linking file extensions to PNDs.
  • Lunixbochs released his first experiments with his LibGL (Glshim) by porting Jumpman and Aquaria, paving the way for numerous ports of OpenGL games for Pandora.
  • PPSSPP gets the alpha hack and a few PSP games start to get close to full speed.
  • PtitSeb compiles CDRDAO, making it possible to use the Pandora directly to rip PS1 games without a PC. Do you still need a computer?


  • The latest Java PND is released. It has more libraries and feels faster as well. 
  • PtitSeb ports Allegro 5.1 for Pandora, which leads to…
  • Dune Dynasty, the best Dune 2 reboot so far, released on Pandora. Thanks PtitSeb.
  • Bitcoin and Litecoin clients make their way on the Pandora with their respective clients. Now you can do Bitcoin operations on the go. Or mining.
  • BittorrentSync becomes available on Pandora, and acts as a viable Dropbox replacement.


  • Owncloud sync is ported for Pandora. The second alternative to Dropbox.
  • MarkW starts porting serious stuff on the Pandora with CASPack, followed by R. Fantastic.
  • Super Hexagon works through apkenv on Pandora, and is later released as a commercial game on the repo with the author’s agreement.
  • Pmporg releases his first version of his very nice launcher for Compo4All games.
  • Sepulep ports TexLive on Pandora and MarkW releases Lyx just after.
  • Qupzilla is recompiled and becomes the fastest browser on Pandora, beating Arora.
  • Firefox21 appears on Pandora (thanks to hdonk)


  • apkenv now supports Plants Vs Zombies. 
  • PtitSeb releases his port of Freespace 1, followed by Freespace 2. This is the first time we get such spectacular games on Pandora.
  • VVVVVV gets a commercial release on the repo, and many other commercial releases follow, such as Duke Nukem II, Mystic Towers, etc…
  • DraStic’s new version from Exophase makes most DS games run full speed. A huge achievement, both for older and newer models.
  • Firefox 22 is released. Hdonk, again. Let’s have a little thought for his newborn baby.
  • Later in the month PtitSeb releases his port of Jedi Knight II. A very impressive piece of software running on a handheld, probably a Pandora exclusivity at this stage.


  • PtitSeb wastes no time and releases Jedi Knight III, and Open Arena. Gamers are looking for free time.
  • Lunixbochs releases Stepmania, using his libGL, Octaspire Crates and Armagettron. They all run very well and show how his libGL can bring more games on Pandora.
  • Lunixbochs makes his libGL open source, paving the way for more ports by other people. A great initiative. PtitSeb does not wait too long and releases Critical Mass and Prototype in a matter of days. Prototype looks awesome.
  • The 1000 applications milestones in the repo is reached. It’s not really about the numbers, but overall the number of great applications is huge.
  • Tor Router is ported for Pandora. Thanks Snowden?


  • DraStic is updated with many compatibility fixes. Several games which crashes before now work flawlessly. Exophase is the King of Emulation.
  • PtitSeb releases IOQuake3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Enemy Territory: Legacy… and World of Padman ! All Quake3 engines games. Does he ever sleep ?
  • Two applications to transform the Pandora into a HID device come out at the same time: Master Control (Crionic) and PURE (Liboicl). With those you can plug your Pandora with a USB cable (or wirelessly via Bluetooth) on your PC and use it a controller for PC games. It’s still work in progress, but the concept is exciting. As Liboicl returns to school and lacks time to work on it at this stage, he releases PURE as open-source to the community. Another great gesture.
  • After more than one year of silence, PNDManager gets a major update (Thanks to B-Zar and many others who contributed) and is better, faster than ever.
  • While it’s still under heavy development, Lunixbochs released his first port of Wine/Qemu in order to run Windows x86 or Linux x86 games on Pandora, and tried to make them work with LibGL as well. The first videos show great results on a couple of games, and we starve for more.

It’s been about 6 months since I started Pandoralive, and you can already see so much has happened. And I just focused on the major applications released, there were so many other cool updates and ports done that it would take a long time to mention everything here.

Thank you to you all for making the Pandora scene so lively and active.

There’s probably nothing like it out there.


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Great roundup of all the good news … thanks for keeping it going!

Steven Craft

Nice article, I think for me the stand out line is:

“Gamers are looking for free time”

This really feels like the case, a lot of very interesting releases lately, more games than time for most of us. Plus the prospects the latest work on Wine brings are very exciting; we don’t know yet just how good it will be, but there is certainly some buzz/hope that it will make a lot of cool games playable.


Thanks Pandoralive for letting me know Prototype! This game is awesome!!!! Wish it has more levels 🙂