Simple Screen Recorder, Simply Awesome !


Not too long ago I was looking for an alternative to SnapSnapTimer to compile. It’s not that I don’t like SnapSnapTimer but there’s like no options to it and I wanted something a little more sophisticated. Well, will it’s not exactly a screenshot taking application, Simple Screen Recorder just showed up, and it’s awesome. You can now record a video of your full desktop on Pandora, at pretty high framerate.

I don’t think it’s worth writing a lot on this, but with Simple Screen Recorder you can adjust a number of parameters to minimize the impact on the CPU, for example reducing the bandwidth of the video, changing the codec to a less compressed one, and recording less frames per second. The below video I made shows my application HackerBooks in action as captured by Simple Screen Recorder.

This was recorded on a 1Ghz model, with a MPEG2 codec. There is some obvious lag in the application execution but it’s certainly fast enough to demonstrate how a program works or to display its key features.

While I wanted to record the mouse pointer (and did select the option in the menu) it apparently does not show.

So, what would you use Simple Screen Recorder for?

  • Showing off your application (not your games, since it’s probably too slow for that purpose)
  • Doing tutorials
  • Demonstrating what the Pandora can do without doing video out capture

This application has significantly reduced the barrier to create videos on Pandora, and I have to thank the porter for this. Now the only thing we need is some kind of Youtube Uploader to upload to Youtube directly from Pandora with a light application. Of course it’s probably possible using Firefox, but I expect it to be slow, painful and… slow.

I seriously hope you guys will be using this ! No excuse not to do any video anymore of your ports or original non-gaming apps.

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