Save Earth from Invaders with your Pandora !


Earth has faced a very serious threat in XCOM’s first installment back in 1994. But the organization saved us from this threat ! Did you take part of the organization and miss those thrilling moments ? You wish you could go back to this time to experience this ? Your Pandora can bring you back at this time and allow you lead Earth defenses !

For the youngest among us who don’t know about this legendary game, XCOM is a strategic title in which you are the boss of the newly created organization, whose goal is to protect Earth from extra terrestrial threats. Your responsibilities as a leader are to manage, build and upgrade the agency’s bases, watching over earth security, planning UFO interceptions and preparing missions to get rid of aliens that have landed and threaten the local inhabitants.


Want to feel again those thrilling moments ? Let’s go !

Preparation for time travelling

To install the game, you need to install XCOM’s pnd and timidity installer from Open Pandora repository. You will also need a retail version of the original XCOM. You can probably get the one from GOG for example.

Copying the files

You will have to copy some folders from your retail version. They can be found in the XCOM folder. The folders to copy are : GEODATA, GEOGRAPH, MAPS, ROUTES, SOUND, TERRAIN, UFOGRAPH, UFOINTRO, UNITS.

You will have to put those files in the folder /media/SDCard/pandora/appdata/openxcom/share/openxcom/data/

OpenXCOM also works with files from Steam’s XCOM version.

Port status

OpenXCOM as well the port are stable and run nicely on the Pandora. The screen is big enough to deliver a clean and readable user interface and the game run at full speed. It’s all green here 🙂 Alien green, even.


Protect the earth with all you’ve got !

Now you are ready to save mankind, let’s see the basics. As a leader of the new organization your first choice will be to choose a location to establish your first base. The location will determine which countries you can help the most efficiently because interception and troops transportation time will be shorter due to proximity.


You can expand your base by building new underground rooms near elevators or other rooms. Your scientists will develop new weapons and technologies to help during battles. Your soldiers will be the last defense line against invaders and will take action in big isometric maps in which you will have to give directions and made strategic choices to give your mankind to victory.

Going further in XCOM…

The game is deep and complex with lots of mechanisms. For newcomers you can get familiar with those mechanisms by having a look to the comprehensive XCOM Wiki.

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Actually, I couldn’t find any XCOM game on GOG, although there is a number of wishlist about them and forum discussions about why they’re not in.

Someone there mentioned GamersGate, which has them all individually and a bundle:
5€ each, 15€ for the bundle, and you can expect the occasional sale to greatly reduces this.


I got a steam version, it requires windows machine (or wine setup with steam installed), but after that it works perfectly fine with OpenXCom.


You can also try UFO:AI (on the repo too), a free and opensource alternative (but this is not a clone, it’s an alternative, with similar mecanics and ambiance, but in full 3D).


I think you should also mention X-COM: UFO Defense, the recompiled version of the game (also needs the same game files) – that one is absolutely identical to the original, and works great too!!


..and the recompiled X-com: terror from the deep, ofcourse..