Ripping PS1 Games Directly On Pandora

A few weeks ago I shared with you a method to rip PS1 games for use with the excellent PS1 emulator available on Pandora. That time, you had to use a Linux computer and a command line to do that, if you remember well. This time, I am showing you a much more straightforward method, using the Pandora and a external USB CD drive. Yeah, it’s almost as simple as that. Here’s a picture of the whole setup. There’s not much needed!

For the visually impaired people, here’s a short list:

  • Your Pandora with enough space on your SD Card
  • You should have cdrdao from the repo installed on your SD Card as well (the one with enough space)
  • Your USB CD drive (should be USB 2.0 probably)
  • An AC adapter for USB CD drive, since the Pandora probably has not enough power to power it. The good news is, for my USB drive, I can use the Pandora USB charger to connect it to the plug. It has the very same fittings. Genius!
  • The original PS1 CD you want to rip. I took Final Fantasy VII, Japanese version, in this example. Feel free to rip crappy games if that’s what makes you happy. The next steps are super simple. Even if you were born-noob you should be able to do it.
  1. Connect your USB drive to the AC adapter
  2. Connect the USB drive to the Pandora on the USB host.
  3. Enable the USB host on your Pandora.
  4. Put the PS1 CD in your USB drive and close it.
  5. Launch the cdrdao tool from the “Accessories” menu in xfce. It will ask you a name for your rip:

02 Choose something that makes sense, like ff71 for example in this case (since there are 3 cds). Click OK and you’re on your way to be done. It should now start automatically.

It may be a good time for coffee, tea, grilling fish or whatever break that takes 5 minutes wherever you are located in the world. It should not take much longer than that. Final Fantasy VII was an extraordinary game, by the way. I still have very fond memories of it since this was the very first RPG I did on the Playstation 1 at the time. It hasn’t aged at all and still looks and plays great to this day. I still recommend playing it in Japanese if you can master the language since there were many mistakes in the English and French versions at the time. The music, story and all is top notch versus all the crap you are fed these days (especially in J-RPGs, I mean OMG). Such good games make you feel old. Now it’s your responsibility, if you have kids, to teach them about these great games and make sure they do not consider the latest Final Fantasy turd such as XIII as the best game ever – they are just too young and vulnerable, make sure they are not influenced by crap. Sure, it’s hard, there’s so much you can control. At least, when you open your wallet don’t buy crap for them.

Ok, my 5 minutes lecture is up, and the rip is done. You can now take your coffee, tea, or grilled fish and start the rip in PCSXreARMed to see if it works. Unless you were an utter noob and made a mistake (and then there is nothing we can do for you) everything should work like a charm. Here’s the proof in picture.

Et voilà. You’re done, and now you don’t need a PC anymore, so you might just sell it since you can do everything with your Pandora already. 🙂 Have fun and don’t forget to spread this around you. There is always someone who does **not **know. PS: special thanks to PtitSeb for porting cdrdao! Fantastic porter, as usual.

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It should be noted that not all Japanese psx games will work with PCSXreARMed.
Some games like FinalFantasy8 require a Pocket Station Module which is probably not supported by PCSXreARMed.
The only emulator I know to run such games is Xebra/Arbex.