Ripping your Favorite CDs with Asunder on Pandora

What, are you one of these hipsters who don’t buy CDs anymore and download stuff online instead? Well let me tell you Mister, you are dead wrong. CDs may be an old technology, but that’s still the best audio quality you can get out there, and with the second hand market you can get them pretty cheap. Forget about MP3s, all you need is FLAC and it would be a crying shame to use your fantastic Pandora to play back some crappy compressed format. Now with Asunder you can rip your CDs directly ON your Pandora. That’s progress for you.

First you need something worthy to rip. You don’t want to spend time learning something to generate crap in the end, so choose a CD you like. I chose Fayray’s single album CD “Negai” (願い, i.e. “Request”, in Japanese), because Fayray is a fantastic singer / song writer / composer / piano player and I like this song very much, too. Too bad she does not sing in Japan anymore (she lives in the US now).

Get the CD out of the box…

And put it into your CD drive! Connect the CD drive to the wall plug (the Pandora cannot power it, are you kidding), and plug the USB cable in the back of the Pandora, just like Brutus did with his father Caesar. Don’t forget to enable USB Host on the Pandora if you don’t want to sound like a über n00b.

Start Asunder. I assume you already have it ? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s right there!

Get online first and start it up after. If everything goes well, by the time it starts it will fetch the CD info right from the CDDB database. Even though I’m using a Japanese CD it works flawlessly. Superb.

Go in Preferences and specify the folder where you want to save your stuff, and select the mode of compression you’d like to have. Honestly unless you are dying to save space and planet Earth, I would recommend to go for the FLAC format because your ears are worth it. And the Pandora can play these files better than most things out there. Don’t be a moron. Choose FLAC.

Back to the main screen, you click the button on the bottom right corner. It’s in Japanese here because I like all things Asian around me, but in your case it will probably show up in English or in Bangladeshi if that’s your system locale. Once you pressed it you can go and grab tea, or coffee, with ice please because it’s summer. By the way did you know Japanese people drink lots of iced coffee? I have to admit I got used to it pretty fast after arriving here. It’s perfect in summer.

Look, the compression is almost over!

Once you are done, go to the folder where you saved the tracks, and start up your favorite player. I’m assuming you have the community codec pack installed, by the way. Even if you don’t have any player installed the good olde Mplayer included in the Pandora can do miracles and play your files as well. Isn’t life beautiful when you least expect it ?

You know what to do next? Put back your beloved CD in the box, protect it well from sunlight, and keep it preciously for the day your hard drive or your SD Card crashes for good.

And keep it for the love of beautiful paper covers, that no screen can ever hope to replace.

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I actually prefer Digital Audio Tape, it sucks they stopped making the players for those. At 48Khz sample rate they had a higher quality than CDs.