Return to Castle Wolfenstein on Pandora


This is going to be a short post, but PtitSeb has been hard at work to port Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Pandora. Here’s a short teaser video.

There were several closed beta candidates already released, to optimize controls and all. BAFelton took the opportunity to take a small video of it in action:

If you want to download this video on your Pandora here’s the link for YTDownloader:

As you can see, it runs very, very well. It uses the engine for Quake3 so as you can expect it runs very smoothly on Pandora. It should be released very shortly, probably this weekend. EDIT: it’s already out 🙂 Note that it is forbidden to own or play the demo in Germany, because of the evil Gamma crosses included. Never mind that Gamma crosses were a part of history way before the 3rd Reich (the ancient greeks used it) and a very similar symbol in Japan is used to depict the positions of temples on maps.

Silly politics.

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Ooops looks like the app has been taken away again


Game is downloadable again now.


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