The Resources Page: Updated!


Hey guys, I’m sure most of you don’t really notice that there’s actually a menu at the top of your screen there, with a number of additional pages of contents that you may want to look at from time to time. Well, I have just updated one of them, the “Resources” page. And it’s a good place to visit. Seriously.

The reason why I made this page in the first place is to provide a better indexing of the topics covered on PandoraLive. Yeah, it’s always possible to find something using Google, the search box or the Categories on the right, but it’s more often than not a pain in the ass to find what I’d call “Resources”, i.e. articles which content does not really degrade with time. Just like wine, a good resource should actually be read over and over by new people coming in the Community, and that’s the good reason enough for that Resources page to exist in the first place.

You’ll find for example:

  • The links to all the My Day With The Pandora articles ever published, and that’s already a lot to read.
  • All the tutorials published for porting applications on Pandora. Some very good stuff if you’re starting.
  • Games Reviews posted so far
  • Emulator Reviews posted so far
  • Applications Reviews posted so far
  • Benchmarking: everything related to comparing stuff.
  • All the non-development related Tutorials on how to do certain stuff with your Pandora (like SSH, etc…)
  • NEW: How to have your Pandora fixed (RMA process)
  • NEW: Games Industry articles (Yeah, I write such articles sometimes, like one about Steam’s future not too long ago…)

As you can see there are a lot of links there, and LOTS to read. It’s been just one year that PandoraLive has launched but there’s already lots of content in here worth reading and re-reading by many authors in the Community.

So, have a look again and check out if you did not miss anything interesting over the past few months. And let me know if you think one category’s missing or something.

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