Reicast is the New Santa


Christmas is almost early this year, Santa is probably still sleeping soundly before he starts working hard in a couple of days, but nevermind Santa, Reicast from drkIIRaziel has shifted the interest all of sudden on this night of the 18th of December. Reicast is a new Dreamcast emulator, originally for Android, running very, very fast. And before you could say “oh, that’s a shame”, a port is already on the way for Pandora.

EDIT: now with added videos and details at the end -> important details.

But let’s not get ahead too much, shall we? First, the specs recommended for the Android version of Reicast are:

  • Cortex A9
  • 1 Ghz+
  • Dual-Core

So, even if we have a working port on the Pandora, it’s probably not going to run as fast, unless you manage to overclock your Pandora like crazy with liquid nitrogen or something. On top of that, it’s an early release, and apparently several games have graphical glitches (like Shenmue). But it seems like Crazy Taxi runs pretty much perfectly.

If you want to have a go at running it yourself… (thanks mcobit)

  • Download reicast-armel-r4.elf
  • Create a folder called data in the same directory and put your dreamcast bios files in there
  • Add executable rights to the file with chmod +x reicast-armel-r4.elf
  • Start codeblocks.pnd Dev-Commandlineinterface
  • Run in the terminal of code::blocks using ./reicast-armel-r4.elf -config config:image=path/to/file, image being the image of the disc you want to load.

EDIT: you can also compile it from sources directly follow PtitSeb’s instructions now, see at the end of this post.

A couple of hours later, IngoReis tried it on his Pandora running Slackware, and here you go for the videos:

Shenmue, with many glitches, as mentioned before:

Soul Calibur, working very well but a bit slow on Pandora, at 1200 Mhz and GPU at 464Mhz:

Grandia 2, working very well apparently.

Sonic Adventure, struggling a little bit in terms of FPS:

A screenshot from Crazy Taxi, apparently running full speed (PtitSeb said so)


A promising start anyway ! It’s clear that just like for PPSSPP, we may have issues to get most games working full speed on Pandora, because our hardware is not bleeding edge anymore, but still, what I find really interesting is that non-3D games should probably work just fine with this emulator. This would already bring a huge amount of titles to the Pandora overnight, including classics from the SEGA Saturn era remade for the Dreamcast.

This is very exciting, and who knows, we might see some speed-ups in the near future. If not, we can just all pray for the Dragonbox Pyra to come out as soon as possible!

Note: here is the GitHub repo, but it’s empty at the time of writing.


  • The sources have been released, and PtitSeb is already working on making a PND out of it with proper controls, but it’s currently unstable so some additional work is needed. You can see his current source diffs in that post.
  • Notaz has released a new GPU driver installer (choose that should be bringing better performance, but you’ll need at least 1.60 RC firmware to support it, and we don’t know currently if it’s stable for other applications.
  • PtitSeb has released an alpha PND. You can get it right now, but know that you’ll need the Dreamcast firmware rom as well to run anything.

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Off topic: is the name Dragonbox Pyra final?


Yes, good to see drkIIRaziel back. I’m hopeful that he will do some magic to fix graphical issues for Shenmue, particularly, and sound issue, in general. But so far so good in terms of speed 🙂