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It has been a while since I last updated the Recommended Software Page for the Pandora. If you are not aware what it’s all about, well it’s a list of software that I consider to be of high quality for the platform. A sort of curated list, so that you can refer to it as a newcomer or in case you have been away for a while and want to check if you did not miss anything important.

This time, I first started by adding more information related to C4A support. Since we started the monthly C4A competition, more games have been supporting C4A and therefore I needed to reflect that in the list. Let me know in case I missed some of them which support C4A, but I think I got it right.

Now, coming to new entries, I have added the following:

  • MineTest: This is a great clone of Minecraft, and while it certainly misses some aspects of the original game, it’s one of the best games of this genre on Pandora, and it runs pretty well. A very nice port by PtitSeb, again.
  • Minecraft: the real thing, actually more of a launcher than a port, since you need the original game files, but it’s still great to see you can run Minecraft on the Pandora hardware. It’s a little slow, but there are various ways to make it run faster.
  • Starcraft: Not sure why I missed to include that one for so long… anyway, this is a must-have if you are into Real Time Strategy games, since it’s one of the best ones ever on the PC platform, despite its age. A great port by Notaz with a great story behind the technicalities of the port, without the need to have access to the source.
  • Gods Deluxe: A remake of the Bitmap Brothers game. Its only flaw is that it does not run full screen on Pandora (blame Java!) but otherwise it’s a pixel perfect recreation of the original, which was an excellent game in the first place. Highly recommended.
  • Uplink: the hacker game was just released a couple of weeks back. This is the full game (including data files) released for the Pandora with authorization from Introversion Software, and ported by Lunixbochs thanks to his TinyGLES renderer. A very, very nice port.
  • Flappy Bird: Yeah, shameless plug. I know it’s a crappy game, but it’s a lot of fun to try to beat others’ highscores with C4A.
  • Not Pacman: this weird clone of Pacman playing with gravity is very unique and engaging. It was a great game for the October’s C4A competition.
  • Live System Info: another great tool by Notaz where you can display actual system info on an overlay surface on top of whatever application you are running, be it a browser or a game. Very useful if you want to do some benchmarking.

That’s it for the new entries this time! This is still work in progress, so if you have any suggestion of a great piece of software to add to the list, let me know in the comments, I will certainly consider them for testing.

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Hey I play flappy bird when I am bored in the bus and just have 5 minutes time for gaming.


Just to note that Minecraft doesn’t need Java to be installed, as it embed is own version.

Also, Gods is now fullscreen 🙂

I also think that, along with the Java need, you may also note MonoRT and wxPython need.