Pyra Vs Pandora: A Much Improved Design


Hey – it’s been a while I did not post any news. There are several reasons for that, but also the lack of motivation in the first place because there was not so much happening that was worth talking about on the Pandora side of things, and a lot of little posts about the Pyra that I did not feel it was necessary to “summarize”. Today, however, we have a new video, and it’s pretty well done and definitely worth sharing.

ED is going through a 22 minutes video to show you how the Pyra design differs from the Pandora’s, and what makes it better overall. He goes through a full assembly of a Pyra unit, so you can really see how easy things have become to assemble and dissassemble.

Personally it reminds me a lot of the older Lenovo Thinkpad designs, where everything was made to be easily serviceable and taken apart for maintenance. You probably already know this if you have been following the Pyra news, but overall the improvements in terms of serviceability are as follows:

  • The top cover has a much more simple design (and less screws)
  • The LCD cable has now redundant traces so it should last longer
  • The top cover can now be easily taken apart even if the base is connected
  • Nubs can be easily clicked in when pushing the main board in.
  • Speakers are fully removable without hassle.
  • The CPU board clips in the main board easily as well.

This is it for today. As ED concludes “we are almost done” – now it’s just a matter of months till we can get an actual Pyra in our hands.

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