Pyra Pre-Orders Have Started


Last week I met with PtitSeb as I started my holiday back home – during our conversation I was casually asking him what’s been happening with the Pandora lately since I did not really have any time to check news. “Oh, the Pyra pre-orders started”. Wow, already ?  It’s now been more than a week, and here’s a quick update on the whole situation.

Too bad I was not given any hint from anyone in the Pyra team that the preorders were about to start, because I would have prepared something to be published on time. Anyway. If you want to preorder, you need to go on that page. ED even made a quick video to explain briefly the concept of the Pyra:

There are 4 models available for pre-orders and you can see how much they cost below – note that the Mobile models do not just come up with 3G/4G but also with a bunch of additional sensors (gyrometer, GPS, etc…) directly integrated on the mobile broadband chip:

  • Pyra Standard Edition, 2GB RAM: 500 EUR without VAT (=595 EUR incl. VAT)
  • Pyra Standard Edition, 4GB RAM: 529,41 EUR without VAT (=630 EUR incl. VAT)
  • Pyra Mobile Edition, 2GB RAM: 600 EUR without VAT (=714 EUR incl. VAT)
  • Pyra Mobile Edition, 4GB RAM: 626,05 EUR without VAT (=745 EUR incl. VAT)

And you can see in the live campaign update page that so far, the mobile editions with 4GB seem to be way more popular than the standard ones. Even though they are the most expensive ones. This is the actual split at the time of writing:

  • 6 x 2GB – Standard
  • 174 x 4GB – Standard
  • 1 x 2GB-USA – Mobile
  • 6 x 2GB-EUR – Mobile
  • 97 x 4GB-USA – Mobile
  • 297 x 4GB-EUR – Mobile (the most popular one)

And the actual state of pre-orders below. ED needs to reach 750 firm preorders to be able to fund the first batch of 1000 Pyras. It’s slowing down right now but it’s getting there progressively.

There is no date at this stage as to when the first units would be delivered, while it seems likely that the first shipment occurs within this year. In the meantime, there’s still a lot to do with your pandora if you have one, with the recent release of Serious Sam 1 and 2 ports for example… more on that topic very soon!


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It’s slowing down, but EvilDragon hasn’t sent out a press-release yet. So this is mainly just the community’s pre-orders. Also, the graph does not account for the pre-pre-orderers who haven’t used their voucher for the pre-order, so the real number is slightly higher.

EvilDragon said he’ll start sending out press-releases today:


If you want to see a number that accounts for pre pre-orders, there’s also this page: