This is What the Pyra May Look Like


ED has just posted some renders of the current case design for the Dragonbox Pyra. Instead of linking right to them, I tried to use these renders to give you a better idea of what the Pyra may look like. It’s a quick Gimp job, so don’t expect the thing to look stellar. But this is the first time you actually know what it’s going to look like.

So here it is… in blue:


You like other colors ? Sure, no problem… here’s Orange.


Red for those who like their handheld to match their Ferraris…


And a more sober grey.


You can see more details about the case design in the original post from ED. All in all, it’s not a final design but it looks very much like the Pandora (who would have thought! hehe) while the speakers are now in a more appropriate position to leave maximum space for the screen. We don’t know about what the final color(s) but you can probably imagine the first model will go for something relatively neutral.

UPDATE (April 17th 2014): here’s a picture of the actual prototype case, shared by ED on Twitter:

Close enough to the little model I assembled from the parts.

UPDATE (April 18th 2014): ED has posted a video of what the case looks like when assembled:

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Yeah, I really have been looking for an accessory to my Ferrari. A Pyra would really do nicely!


well, bro. I thought it would not be much different from her predecessor. But Pyra really looks classy in her own right


Nice, just can’t quite make out what the icons are on those buttons there though…


just so long as it does not have shiny keys!


Looks like the same crappy Pandora all over again. Good luck selling 5,000 of these.

Looks very old fashioned and bubble gum cheap looking..