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On my side of the world the August heat is finally gone, while typhoons are regularly on their way to the archipelago. I can’t say I really mind the rain, it’s rather welcome after the temperatures we had to deal with one month back. But hey, August is THE month for summer festivals in Japan, so who am I to complain? Anyway, September is here, and you may be wondering what people have been reading on Pandoralive recently? Here’s your monthly top 5.  

5. Hey, How Well Does A Pandora Rebirth Perform ?

This article came in the first place from the Pandora boards where one member started to mention that even though most people always talk about the 1Ghz model, the earlier Rebirth model remains still a very capable machine. I can’t agree more (I started with a Rebirth) and I decided it was a worthy topic for Pandoralive as well. Looks like many of you were interested to know more!

4. My Day With The Pandora (KickAss)

It’s been a while since we did a “My Day with the Pandora…” series, and since KickAss had been quite active on the boards recently, I thought it would be a good opportunity to ask him to participate. Bingo, he did, and even though he does not have enough time to use his Pandora every single day, he had a couple of interesting stories to share. You’d better have a look if you missed it! Don’t forget to check out the latest in the series, from TraylorPark, published a couple of days ago.

3. Pandora PCSX ReARMed vs Actual PS1 on TV

I’m glad to see this one in 3rd position. It took me a while to prepare this article… mainly because I had to setup the environment to record the TV screen, and then do video edition on the computer subsequently… well once it was done there were good comments even on the youtube video from Open Pandora board members. If case you have not seen it yet, it’s about a comparison I did between an actual PS1 running GT2 and the Pandora running the same game (Rebirth model). There were a couple of differences, but overall the emulation is excellent and the 2x mode shines on a big TV.

2. The Deep Seeds of DraStic, DS Emulator

Yep, once again DraStic stars on Pandoralive. Not a new article by all means, but it has with no doubt gained popularity because DraStic for Android has proven to be a very popular topic recently… and it’s no surprise we then see on the 1st spot…

1. DraStic: A Promising Emulator (1.2.0)

And that’s even an outdated article! There was a more recent review of what DraStic could do in that later article.

August was a bit slow in terms of contents as you can imagine, but September is likely to be a different story. I’d still recommend you to check out the article published a couple of days ago about the Gamescom in Germany and how the Pandora was presented there. PtitSeb wrote it, so it’s interesting on multiple accounts 🙂

We’ll see if DraStic still retains its first place in the next month!

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