Playing Luftrauser on Pandora

Luftrausers has been recently getting a lot of attention on Steam as it was released a couple of days ago on PC, Mac and Linux. At its core, it’s a retro-looking shooter where you have total freedom of movement, while being constantly attacked by hordes of WW2 planes and boats. So why am I talking about it ? Well, Luftrauser (without the S) was actually a flash game in the first place, and believe it or not, it’s very much the same game that’s now being sold on Steam.

Of course, they added more stuff in the Steam version, with bonuses, weapons and so on, and achievements to satisfy the trophy-whore in you. But if you only care about the action itself, well it’s about the same experience, and it’s pretty damn good. And you can play in on Pandora, for free, right now. You need a Proof ?

So, what do you need in order to make it work ?

  1. First, you need to get the SWF of the game. It’s available directly on the website of the commercial game:
  2. If you don’t know how to get the .swf, simply enter the URL above in a service like and you can then save the SWF directly from your Pandora.
  3. I’m assuming you have Flashenv‘s PND already installed, if not, get it immediately on the repo!
  4. Point Flashenv to where you have saved the Luftrauser SWF file.
  5. Press the Y button on your Pandora and enter the following options to make it work just great:
I’d recommend the above settings to get a smooth, full screen experience. Don’t forget to map X to the X button of your Pandora.


  • Press Y again, then run Luftrauser by pressing X or B for example.
  • Press the X button during the game when you want to fire, and release it when you want your plane to automatically repair itself.
  • Basically you have to balance shooting, avoiding bullets and projectiles, while keeping your plane in one piece. Easier said than done.
  • Enjoy.
Pretty tough game, though!

It’s an excellent shooter to kill a little bit of time wherever you are.

Good luck beating my high score!

Let me know your highest scores! Now we need C4A support for Flashenv. Remind me to bug Crow_riot for that 🙂

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Okay, you just got me to install flashenv and check it out… very nice!


Nice one!
C4A support for flashenv …
I guess it would need different code or metadata for each game’s save file, much like with MAME.


You get me to charge my Pandora, you win =)


It’s a pity that there are slowdown issues on my Rebirth panda, even when it’s overclocked to 900, but the game is really great, and flashenv is a wonderful thing to use!
Thank you very much for this article.


Are you using a swap file?
I’ve only had a quick go so far but I didn’t notice any slow down on my classic Pandora whilst using a 512Mb swapfile and having it running at 700Mhz.


Yes, I was using a swapfile. Then I thought about it, and disabled both swap and zram, and it’s way better now =) I think my card is not that fast anyway, and having less cpu overhead helps too =)
Thank you for suggesting this)


I’ve heard some people having troubles when using both swap and Zram. I’ve just stuck to swap myself with having fast SD cards but It’s getting to be a pain in the butt mounting them whenever I have to restart.
Glad my surghestion helped you out 🙂

@ekianjo – Not had a full game yet. I was just testing out some of the newer software and having a crack at DosBox. Seems like the Flashenv software works well though so I’ll post a score when/if I manage to get something half decent 🙂


1290.. No way I’d beat even what you posted in the post =)


Ha, 1850, take this =)
I have no idea how to make a screenshot on Pandora, here is a photo