PandoraLive Server Move Is Complete!


Hey if you even see this post that means you can call yourself a DNS Transfer Survivor. The move to the new and shiny server is complete, and it went quite well while it took a little longer than expected…

Yesterday, to celebrate the relaunch of PandoraLive, I posted the superb article from Milinks about Oolite, and it made it up to the first page of Hacker News – that was a great way to stress the server to see how well it would take the traffic load. This was not the worst traffic load ever, but we got something like 50 to 60 simultaneous requests of connection to the website, and we did not include any cache plugin this time on wordpress (on purpose). Yet the server handled everything without suffering, so I’d say the transition went well.

So what does it mean ? Well, PandoraLive’s schedule of regular articles will be turned ON again, and you can expect to read more from us very very soon. Stay tuned for the weekly updates as well !

Please let me know in case you have issues with your user names or stuff like that. They SHOULD be working, but you never know…

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