PandoraLive Moving to New Server


Just a short notice as we will be moving to a new server probably on Sunday evening / Monday morning somewhere in the world. So you can expect some disconnection to occur at that time! The idea is that the new server should be more powerful and prevent the recent issues we have had with high traffic…

The issue was not only with high traffic but probably more of a wordpress/plugin issue than anything else, but the server should anyway alleviate any problems performance related. The move will occur at the end of the weekend so there will be a time when PandoraLive will be unavailable (when we change DNS most likely) while we will try to minimize the interruption. One more thing, no new article will be published until the transition is over, so bear with me until this is done.

I highly recommend you to check the twitter feed for updates in the meantime. See you soon!

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Steven Craft

Out of curiosity, how comes you are using the blogger or WordPress etc. site to do the hosting, and let them deal with traffic issues? I assume you are attempting to handle the hosting yourself?

Steven Craft

Yes, missing not, well deduced. Fair enough reasons, the test will be if the server handles your next front page on hacker news… 🙂