Overdue Software News Dec 23rd to Jan 12th


Hey everyone, because of the break over Christmas and New Year I was unable to do a proper update for a long time. Here’s a good time to catch up, and there is a lot to cover… Remind me not to take any vacation EVER again, because this time the update felt like a real punishment. Gosh!

Here we go. Don’t hold your breath through the list or you may well die before the end. You are warned, kids.

Software Updates (40)

  • Record: this simple recording application is updated, but I don’t really know what changed. No repo info.
  • PPSSPP: updated to 0.9.6. Performs a tinsy bit better than 0.9.5.
  • FreeCiv: latest stable release mainly fixing bugs.
  • QMMP: latest stable version.
  • CanonBall: latest stable version with new “view mode” and smarter AI.
  • Tomahawk: SIP accounts are now supported with telepathy.
  • The Tube: minor update to fix glitches, add a playlist button and an option to undo youtube-dl updates.
  • Qucs: minor fix.
  • uPIM: update with several added features (summary view of contacts, email client launcher, modified calculator and more:..)
  • Boson-X: some buttons are remapped, and the game is now compatible with the latest SGX drivers.
  • Rockdodger: updated, but no info on what changed…
  • Swap files: reverted change to previous version due to file system issues.
  • DraStic: this update brings some of the changed that were made in the Android version, and if I remember correctly some games run a little faster now.
  • Flare: updated to 0.19.
  • OpenXcom: latest upstream version. – Wagic: updated to the first git version.
  • Qjackctl: latest version.
  • Mupen64plus2.1: some configuration changes.
  • BosWars: this RTS gets an update to the latest sources.
  • Java Runtime: probably updated to a latest build (either the actual Java or the OpenJDK).
  • Reicast: it will appear as a single update here, but there were lots of updates to this emulator in the past few weeks. Speed wise, the Pandora is still a little too slow to run games full speed, but who knows, we may be getting there, while the CPU is clearly the bottleneck. Note that there are still many compatibility issues with certain games.
  • Stella: an update to the Atari 2600 VCS emulator previously released, as an entry to the ALive and Kicking Coding Competition in the “Significant Improvement” category. The key change is that the PAL games now do not crash the emulator anymore, and a full documentation is included.
  • Bitfighter: updated to work with the latest SGX drivers.
  • zSilencer: this entry for the Alive and Kicking coding compo was made to work with the latest SGX drivers as well.
  • RickyD: same thing here, updated to latest sources and modified to take advantage of the latest drivers.
  • Radiotray: this update fixed the fact that the software did not run anymore with the latest firmware (1.60) due to the Python version change.
  • Wakeup alarm: a small application experimenting with the sleep function to make your Pandora save power until the alarm rings in the next morning. Note that it will require your root password when setting up the alarm, because of the permissions required to modify the sleep mode triggers.
  • FreeSpace, FreeSpace 2, and their demos (for 1 / for 2) have been updated to work with the latest SGX drivers.
  • qpdfview: updated to latest build.
  • QTractor: now with tons of new plugins added and a revised documentation.
  • PyTouhou: now with working text and better rendering.
  • MyPaint: a new release to work with the new firmware 1.60 and its new Python.
  • UAE4ALL: a massive update from TomB with tons of fixes and improvements, starting from a better and clearer GUI. The 68020 emulation should be now more reliable, while it may be a little bit slower than before for certain AGA games. Many non-working games have been fixed as well, check the repo page for a full description of the changes.
  • DosBox EX Ultimate: new update with many features related to automounting of images, but not only…
  • Battle for Wesnoth: a new version with the upstream changes, and a new UI for the Pandora version!
  • Qupzilla: This new release is up to date, and very, very fast. The devs did an amazing job, it’s night and day versus the previous version which was already quite fast! The UI elements are now adapted to the screen size as well, so it works perfectly for the Pandora. I’ll talk about this release soon in a separate post.
  • QMidiArp: latest release including fixes.

New Releases (17)

  • GFMTSERFGJ: this original game is a candidate for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition. A shooting game in which you control a mech figthing for greater justice…
  • Play: a simple program to listen to the audio recordings you made with Record.
  • The Butterfly Effect: another entry for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition. It’s a game in the same vein as The Incredible Machine.
  • Area2048: another entry for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition. A 2D, vectorial shooter ported by MH-T.
  • Bard: yet another entry for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition. This tool makes it possible to make the Pandora read out texts loud. Very nice idea.
  • Trap75: a new game like Jezzball.
  • Roswyn & The Dragons: another entry for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition by MH-T. This one is an action RPG with direct combat.
  • ZDoom: this is an enhanced port of the original source code for Doom and Doom2. It has very good support for mods and even Brutal Doom works with it, while being a little slow at this stage.
  • Griffon Legend: a new ported game for the ALive and Kicking Coding Compo, by Eyecreate. This is an action RPG in 2D, with beautiful graphics, coming from the GCW-Zero universe!
  • Knights: a new ported game by Canseco, for the Alike and Kicking Coding Compo, in which several knights must complete various quests inside a dungeon.
  • HyperRogue: A Roguelike game taking place in a non-Euclidian world (actually spherical). It uses Lunixbochs’ libGL.
  • Flashenv: by crow_riot, for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition in the “New Pandora Use” category. This application makes it possible to play flash games in Full Screen outside of the browser, and to remap keys as well. This has proved to be a very popular application since its release on the boards.
  • Pandora NanoLemmings: wb‘s new original game, released as alpha for the Alive and Kicking Coding Compo. In this game you control extremely tiny lemmings on screen, and use the stylus to make them reach the exit and avoid obstacles.
  • Excido: PtitSeb’s entry in the “New Ported Game” category in the Alive and Kicking Coding Compo. It’s a 3D shooter taking place in a city-like environment.
  • Me and My Shadow: a rather unique game, ported by mcobit.
  • Giddy 3: a new ported game from PtitSeb, paroding the Dizzy games.
  • Polymorphable Citizen: an action RPG based on the FLARE engine.

New Firmware

  • Super Zaxxon 1.60 is out, and it brings a lot of fixes and new features. You can now decide to activate TV-out right from every Pandora boot, there’s a newer version of Python included (2.7.3, yeah!!), the DSP tools from bsp are included, there’s a newer kernel (and it seems to boot up faster), the time menu has a ton of timezones now (finally!) and many, many more things. You can get it now.

That’s it. I think. If I missed anything then it’s bad luck, so it’s your turn to be punished, you have to release another update of your software to be featured in the next weekly review! Hehe.

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Actually, Boson-X is a new release that has been also updated in the time frame 😉

Zeno Rogue

The geometry in HyperRogue is not spherical. It is hyperbolic, and it is a big difference.